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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-02 10:00:00

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Punk had just wrestled a rough twenty minute match.  He wasn’t given any time to shower, was still covered in blood and had no time to eat or rehydrate after the match based on the fact he was eating muffins and pounding drinks during the press conference.  Do you think that having Punk go immediately into a press conference was the best idea?  Shouldn’t Tony have given him some time to recover?  Do you think that may have contributed to how grumpy Punk was resulting in him going off?

Punk went out there with a plan to vent his spleen.  There were rumors that it would happen before the PPV so in hindsight, I bet Tony Khan wishes that he never let Punk go out there.  With that said, the scrums are largely masturbatory anyway.  To me, they are a waste of time in the first place and frankly after a five hour PPV, aren’t fair to the talent or the reporters in my opinion.  If Tony actually would comment on things that reporters care about it would be one thing, but all he wants to do is say how great his booking and the matches are.

The third party investigators have almost two months to look into the fight between Punk and the Elite, and at no point do they speak to one of the key people who was in the room when it happened.  What were they doing for all that time?  Did Tony Kahn hire a group he knew would just give him the predetermined answers he wanted?

I find it hard to believe that wasn't the ultimate goal of the "investigation".  It seems like it was conducted by The Keystone Kops.  Or Benny Hill.

Where is Jim Ross?

He has been moved to Rampage, to help the audience of that show.

While there is a lot of criticism of Tony Khan's booking, some of his ideas and involvement has been great. I thought his voice message played for MJF's return worked well. But it seems he needs someone to reign in his ideas and direct them, kinda like when Russo had Vince. If you were in Tony's position, and wanted a second to help agree with some ideas, and nix the crazy ones, who would you choose?

I think for every good booking idea Tony has there are at least five bad ones.  He is a bad booker in my opinion.  In my opinion, he should hire a booker or bookers, tell what his overall direction is for the talents, let them write the stories and he can be be the guy that tweaks their ideas.

I think it's silly that WWE didn't address Ava Raine being The Rock's daughter. Do you think they should have, or should they only address it if they were ever able to get The Rock to show up?

They made the right call.  I see no reason to put that kind of pressure on her.  If they say she is his daughter, the expectations for her go up significantly.  To me the right move is to let her be herself, at least at the beginning of her career.

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