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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-30 10:00:00

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Rick Knox. What can I say? I know he is in AEW because of the Bucks, but he sucks so much! I always thought the referees were supposed to act like legit referees, even though they have a script to follow. But why is he so awful? He makes me want to skip the matches because I know he’s going to act like a fool and distract from the wrestlers in the ring. 

He is that way because that is how management wants him to be.  The Booker writes the script and part of the script is that Knox will be a terrible ref.  If that wasn’t the case it would be fixed by now.  I have seen him actually do a competent job but let’s be real, if he is reffing a Bucks match they do totally unrealistic things in their matches so they need someone who will ignore all of the ridiculous stuff that they do so that they can get their stuff in.

I saw a report saying that WWE was going to work with Game Changer Wrestling.  That can’t be true, right?

No, it is not correct.  I don’t know how anyone credible could think that WWE would work with an operation that does the slice and dice stuff that GCW does.  It goes against pretty much everything that WWE is about.  I guess some people will report anything that they are told.

Have you looked at how AEW has a lot of seats available for all of their shows?  Is that due to their being no CM Punk?

I have indeed.  The show coming up in Atlantic City is doing super poorly (I have connections there as I worked in the building when I was in college) and overall they are way down pretty much across the board with where they were as far as drawing fans is concerned.  I think part of it is CM Punk’s absence.  Part of it is that they may be running the buildings too often.  Part of it could be inflation hurting disposable income of consumers.  And part of it could be that the booking is making people feel fine with watching the show on TV at home. 

Should AEW be concerned that they are not selling tickets the way that they used to?

I think they should be, as any touring business should be if that happens.  You never want to see any of your sources of income go backward.  With that said, they are a TV company first and as long as they can keep getting paid by WBD they don’t have to get too upset.  And if Tony Khan would make some positive changes, he could get people to come to the shows again.  He just have to give them reasons to go.  Good booking would help them a lot in that department.

Do you believe the report about The Bucks hitting Larry The Dog with the door?

I have had someone very close to the situation tell me that it never happened and I have no reason to believe that person isn’t telling the truth.  So if I had a gun at my head I would say I don’t think Larry was hit by the door.  Here’s the thing though, if Tony Khan would just address issues like this, there wouldn’t be wondering about whether he chose people that hurt a dog over its owner or not.  Chris Jericho just got a lot more power in the company, maybe he can use it to get through to Khan that hiding everything from the masses is the wrong way to run his company.  Well, if he wants his company to grow at least.  If Tony is happy with things as they are now, Jericho shouldn’t waste his time.  Just give the owner what he wants and collect the money he is paying you.  This far in, it’s pretty clear Khan is going to do what he wants, even if it costs him money in the long run.  In a lot of ways he is like Vince McMahon, he thinks he knows what we want better than we do.

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