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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-26 10:00:00

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What do you think about Jay Lethal using Macho Man’s music?

As long as the Poffo’s don’t mind, I don’t mind either.

What do you think of TK giving Hangman a title match?

In a vacuum, it’s surprising that someone who was part of major backstage drama would get a Title match.  But given the way that Tony runs his company, it doesn’t surprise me.  Hell, he’s the same guy who booked Sammy Guevara to win the TV main event the same day his actions led to Andrade fighting him backstage.  So to answer your question, it’s typical of how Tony Khan runs his company.

Doesn't it somewhat contradict the fact that people say "well, fewer people are watching TV now than ever" when big shows from major sports routinely pull in big numbers on channels no one is watching in those time slots if not for them? I'm not expecting wrestling to take on MLB playoffs, but if they're making 5 million people turn the channel on in today's landscape, doesn't it speak more to the quality of programs airing and the interest they draw more than "well no one watches TV"? The channels are in the homes, people are paying big money for it, so isn't it ultimately on AEW or WWE to do the unthinkable - make people turn the channel they're paying for on? Is it not silly to blame amateur Youtubers for making shows with big productions with billions backing them to lose viewers?

I think it’s fair to say that overall less people are watching live television because the Nielsen numbers back that up.  Destination events, like NFL games, will bring in viewers but even at that they aren’t what they were, say, 20 years ago when there were fewer options.  People not watching live TV doesn’t mean they aren’t on Netflix and the other streamers.  Plus, video games have advanced to the point where they take the time that some people used to spend watching TV.

How accurate would it be to assume the reason Fox and USA gave WWE the deals they have is because they put up big numbers in the face of adversity, such as Friday evenings and head to head with Monday Night Football? Is that more valuable to a network than, say, moving Raw to Tuesday with much less competition and thus higher ratings or does USA just assume the wrestling audience is there for the shows no matter what?

FOX wanted Smackdown for two reasons, the ratings and the cost.  For four million dollars a week, they get more viewers than they used to get many weekends for Friday, Saturday and Sunday combined.  It’s a great deal for them.  NBCU loves Raw in its slot.  There is almost always viewer loss whenever a show changes nights so they just deal with the NFL.

We all know Nielsen is how the standards are measured today for ratings, but do they mathematically make any sense? Nielsen is in around 20 000 homes, so say 80 000 people. How can you mathematically extrapolate that to create a ratio of viewers, right down to gender and age demographics when your sample is ~80 000 out of ~180 million measuring in minutes AND with people tuning in and out of programs over hundreds of channels? Seems pretty illogical to me.

Honestly?  Nielsen’s extrapolation has never made any sense to me either, but it’s the standard.  I don’t think it’s truly accurate either.

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