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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-19 10:01:00

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How do they keep NWA Powerrr spoilers from coming out after tapings?  You never hear anything about them.  Is there an NDA they make spectators sign?

I have never heard of an NDA.  I guess it's just that the people that go never send spoilers out.

This is getting ridiculous.  This is what 2 times now Sammy has acted like a child?  And someone remind Andrade that he's not a top guy.  I defend AEW because honestly I am a huge Pro Wrestling Guerrilla fan, and I am happy some of these guys like Brody and Darby and the Dark Order are getting good paychecks.  This is getting ridiculous though.  What's it going to take, someone to get into a fight and really get legit hurt?

Well, Tony already had that with the EVPs and Punk and it didn’t change a thing.  What it will take is for Tony Khan to run his company like a professional organization where that kind of behavior isn’t tolerated.  I will believe it when I see it.

Has there been any update into the federal investigation of Vince McMahon’s hush money scandal?

Not that I have heard about but the Fed doesn't give updates on ongoing investigations.

While I sometimes disagree with you, I respect your honesty and candor when it comes to your views on the wrestling industry. It’s a nice alternative to seeing the cesspool of wrestling tribalism that goes on among fans and other commentators. Do you think that tribalism in wrestling fandom has gotten out of control?

I think tribalism period has gotten out of control in all aspects of life and wrestling is no different.  People who take criticism personally, to me, are just not bright or are insecure.  I should be able to say that I don’t like AEW’s booking and if you don’t agree with me, great.  I respect that.  People that take it personally and react like children?  I have no respect for them.

I saw that you said you would keep the Tag titles, World title and TNT title if you ran AEW but I noticed you never said anything about keeping the Women's Title or Women's TBS title was that a slip on your part?

Nope, I mean keep both World Titles and both TBS/TNT Titles, four in all!

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