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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-17 10:00:00

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Do you ever see a time when wrestling fans and dirt sheet writers like yourself will ever be happy with AEW and stop being armchair bookers or stop criticizing?

You sent a lot more, with things you don’t like when talking about the AEW product, but you made so many typos I don’t have the time to clean up a rant.  First, I am not a dirt sheet writer.  That is a moniker only used by morons or not-so-smart marks.  Here’s the thing, I am not an armchair booker.  I don’t tell AEW what they SHOULD do, I critique what they actually do.  There have been times when the booking was good that I didn’t criticize much at all.  When the booking is bad, like it is now, I will absolutely critique it.  I am glad that you can watch bad storytelling and enjoy it.  I can’t.  You shouldn’t be angry that people don’t like something that you don’t.  I am not angry that you like it.

Would you agree that Michael Cole is perhaps the most underrated talent in WWE? He's taken a lot of criticism through no fault of his own, but because of how overproduced he was and the cringy things his boss made him say on air. I've heard him in the UK Tournament and the Mae Young Classic and since HHH took over and he's a total pro who keeps everything under control. Would the all-time greats, like Solie or JR be remembered in the same manner, if they were subject to the same backstage scrutiny as Cole was and lacked their freedom? In a related question: how much producing is necessary when it comes to announcers? Because I listen to AEW and they seem to be the other extreme, with their commentary mostly self-indulgent and all over the place.

I agree completely and have said the same thing many times.  Cole is fantastic and is among the best of all time.  He did what Vince McMahon wanted him to do, that simple.  Now with the binders off, we can hear how good he is at calling the action.

Ever since Summerslam I’ve been reading that Liv Morgan may be turning heel. Have you heard anything about this?

Not that I can confirm.  All I have heard is that the goal is to add toughness and edge to her character, which she has done.  With Vince McMahon gone, I think the days of the sudden turns for no real reason are over.

In response to your question, I agree that Tony Khan has shown he can't be friends with the wrestlers under him.  Can you think of any promoter that was able to do it?

Two come to mind right away, Vince McMahon and Tod Gordon.  The difference between them and Tony Khan is that they laid down the law with their talent first, then became friends with them second.  And any time an issue came up, the friendship took a back seat to business.  That is something Tony needs to do.

Why hasn’t HHH changed Gunther back to Walter?  He has changed so many others.

My guess is that he doesn’t see it as being an issue at this time.  Plus, the company owns the Gunther name.

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