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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-22 10:00:00


What's more likely to be his next move, CM Punk returns to Chicago to wrestle for AEW or returns to MSG to wrestle for WWE?

I guess they are all as likely as Punk never wrestling again.  I don't see a return to AEW anytime soon.  AEW letting Ace Steel likely probably means that there's far less of a chance that Punk returns, but after the scrum and the fight, I think that door was probably very close to closed to begin with - how could everyone involved all trust each other to work together?  As I write this,  we still have no idea of knowing which way the wind will blow for Punk and the Elite, but to me, Steel being fired gives credence to the idea that AEW management is leaning towards the Elite and away from Punk.  The idea of Punk back in WWE, even now, seems crazy on the surface given all the bad blood there, even if 2022 is an entirely different world there compared to 2014 when Punk walked out.  But, I think there's a lot to be worked through for each choice you list.  Perhaps he'll just go back to acting.

Have you been to the WWE Performance Center for shows?  If so, how do you get there?

I have been there two or three times I believe for media events, including the official openings.  On the occasions I went, I drove.  I believe to attend the WWE NXT events, you have to meet a WWE bus that brings you over to the event and back from a different location as they only have limited parking where the PC is situated and could not handle fans parking there.  I have not attended any tapings at the PC, as of this writing.

Where is Adam Cole?

He's on the injured reserve for AEW.  The belief is he's not cleared from a bad concussion and he shouldn't be unless he is 100% ready to go.

Do you think The Good Brothers still appear for New Japan Pro Wrestling?

WWE has always encouraged talents they sign to close out their previously scheduled bookings.  I would think the same would go here, especially if WWE is trying to nudge that door of potentially working with NJPW open.   When they left Impact, they had intended on working for NJPW through the Tokyo Dome on 1/4, so I can't see why the two sides can't work it out, but WWE will obviously be the priority going forward.

You always mention talents who are debuting in Madison Square Garden.  Why not when they debut at the Staples Center?  or in Iowa?  What's the difference?

The difference is:

A) I am from NYC, and I am biased towards NYC.

B) MSG is the longest running major venue WWE runs dating back to the earliest days of the McMahon family promoting.

C) WWE themselves call MSG their home arena.  Nowhere else gets that distinction from WWE themselves.

D)There's been more history for WWE in MSG than any other venue in the world, including the most WWWF/WWF/WWE title changes.

The end.  End of story. 

Where does Sabu live?  I swear I see him in Staten Island all the time now.

Well, whoever you are seeing, it's not Sabu.  He's never lived in New York City.  He was originally from Michigan and lives in Las Vegas currently.

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