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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-14 10:00:00


So, Daniel Cormier didn't look like he was in great shape and ready to jump in there with Brock Lesnar.  Any ideas if it's possible?

Daniel Cormier said to ESPN he was open to additional WWE appearances if and when he got into shape to perform but didn't have any future commitments.  I think the Extreme Rules deal was a chance for the two sides to get to know each other while helping to get The Fight Pit over to the main roster's audience.  Now that they do, who knows?  I don't see it happening say, next month, or anything, but anything is possible.  WWE seems a lot more open to unique possibilities in recent months!

Any word on Bad Bunny back in WWE?

Nothing yet.  He's got a tour right now and he's prepping for a Sony Spider-Man Universe film, so my guess is that if he does something, it would be a quick in and out, not a long storyline, but that's my gut, not anything that I've been told or heard.  We know the two sides love working together, so it's just a matter of time before it happens again.

Why would AEW hire The Kingdom?

I don't know why anyone would want to hire one of the best tag teams in the world, I really don't.  

WWE is putting a lot of faith in Logan Paul in the Crown Jewel main event.  I was wondering, what do you think happens if Paul freezes up or can't go at the level he, WWE, etc. all hope?

Well, he's already worked Wrestlemania, so I don't see Logan Paul freezing up.  In the worse case scenario that he does, the good news is he's in there with Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman at ringside and a referee who'll be able to communicate with backstage, so I think no matter what, they'd be able to get Paul through the match - but thus far, he's shown a hell of an aptitude for this and in the end, the match will be fine.  He's not preparing weeks and weeks in advance with the idea of going out there and completely falling apart.  I am sure the match will be as entertaining as all involved can get it to be.

Benoit in the Hall of Fame before Vince McMahon?

No one goes in after Chris Benoit.  It's never, ever going to happen, nor should it ever in my opinion.  I have no idea if Vince McMahon goes in or not, but Benoit will never, ever, ever be inducted or celebrated by WWE, ever.  F

Did WWE ask AEW if Billy Gunn could appear at the DX Reunion?

I have not heard that, but if I am AEW, I wouldn't have allowed it.  What does it benefit AEW, especially given there are obviously bad feelings between the two sides.  But, I never heard that WWE reached out requesting Gunn.  I think the shout-out Road Dogg gave him was enough to let the fans know he was being represented and respected for what he brought to the DX era.

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