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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-09 10:00:00

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Melbourne had Super Showdown, Saudi have their mega shows, we just had Clash At The Castle. Where would you like the next big show like to happen not in America? Any dark horses that we don't know about?

Personally, I would love to see it happen in Mexico City.  It’s a huge wrestling market and the time zone would be friendly to the US.  I honestly don’t know what they are working on but I think it’s fair to say the next big international show will take place wherever someone ponies up the money.

If Andrade and Guevara had a fight backstage at a WWE show, there is no way Sammy would have been in the main event right?

Well, if he was in a featured match on a PPV or a highly promoted TV event, maybe then he would have been.  To be part of a a main event where anyone else in the JAS could have taken his spot?  No way.  None.  Zero.  I would argue that he is far more responsible for the situation than Andrade.  His response was ridiculous.  He should never have been rewarded by getting a win on TV but hey, when the boss attends your wedding I guess you get perks.

What was Tony Khan thinking by letting Sammy Guevara get the win after his behavior on Twitter that led to a backstage fight?

He was thinking that just when he was maybe starting to get a little bit of order back in his locker room after the CM Punk-EVP debacle, he just needed more anarchy and chaos.  Honestly, most of Tony Khan’s booking decisions make no sense to me.

I listened to Tony Khan on Busted Open Radio saying that he wanted to win Dave Meltzer’s booker of the year for the fourth year in a row.  I have two questions.  One, how can a guy who sees hundreds of thousands of people turn his show off most weeks recently win that award and two, if you were Dave Meltzer given that fact would you want him to win it?

To answer your first question, it’s just a popularity contest.  Whoever the booker is who delivers to a particular fan base will win the award.  As for the second question I go to the previous answer.  I don’t really care about popularity contests that polls a very small set of people.  To me, whether I agree or not, the booker of the year is the person in charge of the product that draws the most money because that is the goal.

Thoughts on Jimmy Smith leaving WWE?

I think he tried and he wasn’t terrible but I never got the vibe that he “gets” the business.  I think MMA is his jam and he should head back there.

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