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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-07 10:00:00


Any update on CM Punk?  Could this all be some big work to put Punk and the Elite together as a group?

Nope.  He's still sitting out there somewhere like everyone else involved in the AEW All Out fight waiting to see what happens with the third-party legal investigation.  No, it's not a work.  Why would AEW work a backstage fight and not film footage and then use THAT as a reason to put everyone who got into the fight TOGETHER as a group on camera, sacrificing all the booking plans and having to reboot the AEW title in the process?  That would be some pretty pisspoor creative that wouldn't make any sense in my opinion.  It wasn't a work.

Is there any hope of Gary Hart's book being re-published or released digitally? The current price for it on Amazon is $1,375.42!

The story that has made the rounds over the years is that the co-author hasn't signed off on the book being reprinted, so until he and Gary Hart's estate get on the same page, I don't see it happening.  That is a true shame as it's one of the best wrestling books ever written in my opinion.  I know of at least one third party who wanted to buy the book rights and was turned down.

I was at AEW Grandslam and sitting in front of me were some guys who write about wrestling.  One of them constantly complained all night that his free tickets from AEW were nowhere near as good as they were last year and that it was disrespectful to him.  My question is - do you ever feel disrespected by the type of free tickets that are given to you by a promotion?

I don't know who that was or where he was sitting, but my personal feeling is that if a promotion offers you a ticket to come and cover the show, that's all that you are offered and given - a chance to enter the building and do your job.  It shouldn't matter where the seat is and you shouldn't expect anything else.  If where the ticket is located is that important to them or you or me, you can pay to be there and still do your job.   To me personally, it doesn't matter where I sit at a show and I've never felt where I was sitting had any effect on how I worked on reporting the show.  That said, as a matter of full disclosure, I did pay for my ticket to Grand Slam so I could sit with together with friends and family.

Where's Red Velvet?

We have heard she's rehabbing an injury, but I'm not 100% sure on the nature of it.  She is still with AEW.

Did that fireball spot go wrong on Smackdown?

I think it was pretty obvious that it did.

What does Fandom buying Gamespot mean for the new AEW video game?

I don't think one has a correlation to the other.

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