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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-09-30 07:45:00

With the increasing need for privacy lately, it is no wonder that people look for ways to have a private online space and be able to browse freely without any possibility of tracking. The cookies while browsing are meant for improving the browsing experience, and all kinds of programs that simply memorize everything we have ever searched for can sometimes be fun to think about, but it is actually scary when we go in depth. All the things we search for online show what kind of people we are. Someone who doesn’t know us can figure out what kind of people we are based on our online activity. One simple way to avoid being tracked online is by using a VPN service, and here is the list of the best VPN service 2022 to choose from!

The list of the best VPN service 2022

Using a reliable VPN means that you will be able to change your IP address. This means that anyone looking to find your IP address won't be able to find your real current location but the one you choose to show. It is more than necessary when looking to apply for a job you like and it is in another country, or you would like to see TV shows only available in the US. Not only that, but your privacy with a trusted VPN will stay intact, so you can browse freely without the fear of tracking. 

There are numerous VPN services available on the market, and it is very important to learn thoroughly about each one of them in order to make a wise choice. We have created the list of the best VPN services in 2022, and we will make sure the most important information about each one is included:

  1. CyberGhost VPN 

  2. NordVPN 

  3. Private Internet Access

  4. Surfshark One

  5. UltraVPN

Here is a little bit more about each one of these VPN services. We will make sure all the most important information is included so you can make an informed decision that you will be satisfied with. Let's begin!

1. CyberGhost VPN 

CyberGhost VPN is recognized as the best VPN service 2022 among the users who have already formed an opinion about it. The peak speed of CyberGhost VPN is 850Mbps, which makes it significantly faster than most out VPNs out there. There are more than 8000 servers in 90 countries which ensures a great quality of service no matter where you are located. In addition, the user can set up an automated connection which means that you can connect to the fastest server that is currently available near you when using an app such as Netflix. Besides, the players that enjoy using their PlayStation and Xbox consoles will be happy to know that's CyberGhost offers dedicated VPN software for it.

The price for using CyberGhost is just $2.15 per month, and for this modest amount of money, you can use it on seven devices. There is a customer service at any time of day and night. This price applies if you choose the plan available to you for three years. If you are not ready to commit for a period that long, you can opt for a plan that lasts two years, one year, or just a month. If you want to try it out for 1-month, it costs $12.91, and there is a 2-week money-back guarantee, so if you're not satisfied, you can easily undo it. The plan can be paid by using MasterCard or Visa, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. 

2. NordVPN 

NordVPN is next on the list of the best VPN service 2022 because it offers incredible speeds without throttling or bandwidth limits. With NordVPN, you can easily enjoy browsing the internet in a safe environment and get access to the big streaming services of your choice. Since the platform doesn't log the activity of the user, there is no possibility of providing your internet activity to anyone interested in your online choices. This ensures anonymity and full privacy, which is something that most of us yearn for.

There are three plans to choose from: 

  • Complete 

  • Plus 

  • Standard. 

If you choose the complete plan, the price is $5.29 per month in the commitment last for two years. This plan includes a secure VPN, malware protection tracker and ad blocker, cross-platform password manager, data breach scanner, and 1TB encrypted cloud storage. In case you choose one year plan, the price is $6.99. The monthly plan costs $13.99. If you choose the plus or standard plan, you will not get the cloud storage that the complete plan includes. 

3. Private Internet Access

As with the previously mentioned VPNs, Private Internet Access doesn't keep logs of any kind, ensuring complete privacy well browsing. While accessing apps, TV shows, or news outlets you will have no restrictions whatsoever, no matter the location you are at right now. There are 35,000 servers in 78 countries which means that the capacity to support users is enormous. There are three plans to choose from: 

  • 1-month plan costs $11.95 

  • 3 years + 3 months plan costs $2.03 per month 

  • 1-year plan costs $3.33 per month.

The users can expect multiple simultaneous connections, up to 10 in total. In addition, privacy and security are increased because cryptocurrency payments are available, so you can pay for the plan by using Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. 

4. Surfshark One

Surfshark One VPN has more than 3200 servers in 65 countries. The speed you can expect when using Surfshark One is 790 Mbps. Besides, there are apps for the widely used browsers like Firefox or Chrome, and there is split tunneling applied to the website, such as banking sites that don't support VPNs, so you can still have privacy without tracking online. There are three plans to choose from: 

  • 1-month plan that costs $12.95 

  • 12-month plan that costs $3.99 per month 

  • 24-month subscription costs $2.49 per month. 

What you get with Surfshark One are an unlimited number of devices to use Surfshark One on, ad and malware blocker, cookie pop-up blocker, two-factor authentication, and support around the clock. The users also get notified if there is any form of exposure on the private data, which adds to the overall security online. 

5. UltraVPN

When it comes to UltraVPN, the speed the users can expect is 765 Mbps in the US. It is pretty fast and can support streaming videos, gaming, and torrenting. When compared to the previous VPNs on our list, UltraVPN is different because the number of services is a little bit lower - there are approximately 100 servers in fourteen countries. There are three plans to choose from: 

  • 1-month plan that costs $7.24 

  • 1- year plan costs $4.52 per month 

  • 2-year plan that costs $2.70 per month.

What you can expect to get from UltraVPN is a range of services such as PassWatch, which means that the VPN will automatically create secure passwords, save them and autofill the necessary information. Besides, there is a Dark Web Scan, so you will get notified if anything is happening that can jeopardize your security. Also, there is military-grade encryption for added security. A great thing about UltraVPN is that the users are not restricted concerning the number of simultaneous connections on various devices you can use UltraVPN on. It is supported on IOS and Android devices but also on Mac and Windows, which practically means that with any kind of device you choose, you will be able to use UltraVPN.

These were the best VPN services 2022 available at this very moment, and we made sure that the services and the pricing were included in our overview of each one. The overall user satisfaction regarding these 5 VPN services is truly rated high, which means that making a decision shouldn't be too hard. All of these VPN services have office support 24/7, and even if you are not ready to proceed to commit to a longer plan, there is a money-back guarantee which makes it all easier. It is important to keep in mind that the longer the plan, the lower the price is on a monthly basis, but the price shouldn't be the only factor to guide you in your decision-making process. Take all these features into consideration and choose the one that satisfies your requirements the most.


There is no doubt that a good VPN service can protect your most sensitive data and protect you from any kind of intruders online. Having one means that you will be protected against all kinds of cyber-attacks and data misuse. Even though available VPNs have similar services available, there are still some nuances that can mean a great difference when browsing online. When choosing a VPN for yourself, make sure you have your requirements in mind, so you can choose accordingly. We hope that our guide will help you make a decision easier and choose one of the best VPN service 2022 in a blink of an eye!



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