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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-09-30 17:06:00

Wrestling Open Week 39

9/27/22 - Worcester, MA

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We’re branding tonight as the WCW/ECW invasion? Aight y’all. Fwiw, I am QUITE excited for tonight’s clash between Alec Price & Crowbar! Also, what’s this I’ve heard about a “trade” happening tonight?  And so many debuts! But first, we have our weekly Spotlight Match, scheduled for one fall (ONE FALL!)

Spotlight Match: Rex Lawless vs Vinny Pacifico 

It’s good to see Rex back on Thursdays! Vinny comes running in but Rex catches and throws him back. Pacifico fighting out of Rex’s grip and drops an elbow to his injured eye. Head scissor into the buckles! Vinny shotguns him but that isn’t nearly enough damage to put Rex down. Vinny with chops but the crowd lets him know how they feel about those. Rex is mad now. Hard chop cuts Vinny down! Rex comes running but Vinny shoots him up into the post! Rex is stunned and down again! This eye has really got a target on it. Vinny tries a rollup, nope. He tries a sunset flip but Rex catches him into a chokebomb—Vinny pulls Rex into a crossface! Lawless with the powerful side slam! Chokebomb! Pacifico is down for the count!

Winner: Rex Lawless

And we’re live on IWTV!  Paul Crockett & Sam Laterna are your commentators! Rich Palladino is your announcer! We’re kicking it off in WORLD CLASS STYLE! Let’s gooooooo!

Match 1: “World Class” Channing Thomas (w/ Sidney Bakabella) vs 50 Cal

Worcester likes 50 Cal’s twisted steel & sex appeal. Channing and Bakabella ask “this is IT? Send someone else!” Channing blasts 50 with a dropkick and rubs it in the crowd’s face. 50 almost catches him with a rollup! Thomas with a slap but 50 unloads and staggers him. 50 goes to rip off his shirt and what a foolish move that was. Channing with a northern lariat and goes to work stomping out the limbs one at a time. World Class is looking to torture 50 Cal….but he can’t put him down yet. Bakabella grabs the mic and tries to put a cherry on Channing’s dive in the ropes….50 is up! Channing gets crotched on the ropes! Tied up in the ropes! 50 Cal unloads and hits a jackhammer! 50 tries a splash but Thomas is out of the way…Piledriver! World Class takes another W!

Winner: Channing Thomas

Bakabella gets the mic one more time. He has two words to say to us again…”Alec Price”. Is he SURE?!?

Match 2: Anastasia Morningstar vs “La Chica” Clara Carreras

Clara got a huge win this past Sunday, after pinning Uptown Andy Brown. Can she do it again against the Church of Greatness’ resident demoness? The early minute or so says….no. Hard chops from Morningstar…Clara dodges the charge and firing back but Anastasia just powers out of there. She picks up La Chica, uses her as an unwilling dance partner and slams her down. A worlds strongest slam! Anastasia pulls the pin?!? Clara fighting back, tornado ddt out of the corner! Clara to the top! Cross body is caught…spinning flatliner! La Chica is DONE. 

Winner: Anastasia Morningstar

Match 3: Pedro Dones & The Mane Event (Midas Black & Jay Lyon) vs The Sweeper & Security Inc (Murray & Moses)

The Mane Event’s new attitude has put them in alliance with Pedro Dones. So we have to boo them now. Worcester immediately loves the Sweeper. He sweeps. Dones is calling his shot and they are coming for their opponent’s faces. They immediately run in and pummel Sweeper & Security Inc. What follows is an absolutely beating on Moses by Mane Event as Pedro eggs them on. Double Whip Lion cannonball for two. Moses’ partners are trying to rally him back to life but he is tenderized meat at this point. A dodge gets the tag to Sweeper! We cheer for sweeping…and Dones just back elbows him over. Pop up grand finale to Sweeper and Murray never even gets tagged in. Dominant squash.

Winners: Pedro Dones & The Mane Event

Match 4: “He’s not crazy” Mike Anthony vs “Your Mom” Bobby Orlando (w/ Bobby Junior)

Mike is very sensitive to being called “crazy” so the crowd makes sure to do so. Bobby is cutting him up with chops, Mike tries swinging for the fences but no dice. Orlando seems able to fake out Mike at will but he gets the rope kicked into his go(at)nads and that turns the table. Hard back elbow! Mike kicks out the leg! Running forehead to the back of the head for two! Orlando pops out of the corner with a clothesline! Hard whipping chops! Sick trick cutter! Dab elbow drop! Good night Mike Anthony.

Winner: Bobby Orlando

It’s time for Big Bacon Brad Hollister to come out. He’s still sporting an eyepatch after last week. It’s so sad and heart wrenching how he didn’t get his eye raked, pretended he did and is now selling this like he’s Sandman in the 90’s. He FEELS RICH’S FACE TO RECOGNIZE HIM. We aren’t buying it. He says Ichiban should be ashamed of the damage he did to Bacon’s eye. The crowd isn’t buying it. Bacon says his crusade against bullying isn’t done. Don’t be a bully. Be a star. Lol

Match 5: Steven Stetson & BRG (with his trusty steed Clip Clop) vs Battle Academy (Hunter Tarca & Lorenzo Vendetta)

Lotenzo getting taken apart early but he gets Stetson to the tag. Good tandem moves from Battle Academy. Jawbreaker to a crossbody! Stetson with a hotshot and big boot. Seated senton and Stetson is just muscle posing on Tarca. The crowd isn’t letting up on Stetson, the object of their reverse affection. Tag to Lorenzo! BRG getting beat up. Great blue Thunder style sidewalk slam! Stetson cuts it off. Tarca tosses him. BRG with a superkick sends Tarca flying. A killswitch to Lorenzo wraps his beatdown up.

Winners: Stetson Ranch

Stetson has the mic but Tyree Taylor immediately cuts that off. He wants Stetson next week but Steven ain’t having that. The Sheriff of Wrestling Open wants a piece though. He’s tired of being treated like a joke…and he wants his damn respect. BRG says these people respect Tyree and that is the respect HE DESERVES. He’s sick of hopping around on Clip Clop…he’s going to kick Tyree’s a**. Next week, the reaper is coming for Tyree and BRG promises SWEET VICTORY. This was great. Tyree says he respects BRG for stepping up. Stetson tries to talk BRG out of there but he’s committed to this fight next week. Tyree just wants him to do it RIGHT. 

Match 6: Jey Mesias vs Gal Barkay

Gal is back in action after saving Landon Hale last week. Unfortunately. The Good Doctor suffered an injury over the weekend. In the time it took me to type that, Gal Barkay won with a solid right hand and a vertical suplex to a chokeslam. 40 second squash. I think Armani Kayos & Randy Rivera should study that tape because the Israeli Action Figure is coming for them.

Winner: Gal Barkay

The Nu Graysons are here for a tag contest. Alex Cyoher, the man with Diamond Hands is here. Why is he here? Sidney Bakabella is here too? He hugs Cypher. He’s over the moon that Alex is here. He calls Cypher the best manager in independent wrestling. Bakabella says “I accept the money”. This is THE TRADE?!? Bakabella has sold The Graysons to Alex Cypher because he says Alex can do for their career what Bakabella cannot. Cypher has a partner for them tonight too! Michael Mistretta! Bakabella said “we talked about this” but The Graysons seem…perplexed. 

Match 7: The Nu Graysons (Tommy & JP Grayson) & Michael Mistretta (w/ Alex Cypher) vs The Miracle Ones (Dustin Waller, Shawn Knyte & Ichiban)

The Haven are now officially part of Miracle Generation so they join the roster of Miracle Ones now, it seems. Miracle Ones are rolling through the NU trio until Mistretta and Cyoher distract the ref…corner stomp out on Knyte! Mistretta unloads a forearm, blockbuster for two! Waller finally in and clearing house. Dive to the Graysons! Ichiban cleans Mistretta with the Flatliner and gets the three. So uh….what did Cypher bring to the table here besides a bag of money for Sidney Bakabella, official human trafficker? The Graysons seem furious at the loss.

Winners: Miracle Ones

Waller calls out Pedro Dones and Mane Event. They’re coming to Worcester next week and want a piece. 

Match 8: “The Dimepiece” Aaron Rourke vs Fancy Ryan Clancy

Clancy is still got the taped up ribs and Rourke goes right at them. Rourke is unrelenting and mocking the crowd, who are trying to bring Clancy back to life. Trip backbreaker and a running senton. Clancy has a flash of hope with a crucifix rollup but this is really one sided. Rourke mocking him with kicks to the head. You’re a chump! Clancy slaps the Dimepiece but gets laid out. Split legged moonsault to the back! Clancy kicks out! Rourke with a torture rack variant! Clancy with a butterfly suplex out of nowhere! Rourke just kicks him in the head. Clancy dodges! Back suplex! Clancy throwing uppercuts! Lariat! Body slam! Back drop! Such classic fundamentals of wrestling! Rourke grabs Clancy’s nose to avoid the side Russian. Clancy is gonna fly? Rourke spears him out of the air! Clancy is bleeding from the mouth and can’t continue. The ref waves it off as a stoppage as Rourke looks concerned FOR A MOMENT. Axe kick to the back and a package ddt. The refs swarm to pull Rourke off and save Clancy. They carry Clancy out the room since we don’t have stretchers in Worcester. 

Winners: Aaron Rourke (by ref stoppage)

Match 9: Brick City Boyz (Victor Chase & JCruz) vs To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney & Cheech) 

This is a great matchup. Cruz with heavy hands early on Cheech…he whips but Colin uses his body as a cushion! Tag and Delaney looks like he’s gonna clean house but Cruz knocks him off the apron to an apron back drop from Chase. BCB giving Delaney the brick city business. Chase with a huge slam. Brick splits! Colin won’t stay down though. Cheech tags in! Hard knee to Cruz! Chase tossed! Double team elbows and knees! It’s not enough! Colin has a backpack stunner ready but Chase cuts it off. Double powerslam! The ref counts the three! BCB says it was two and keep the match going. To Infinity and Beyond hit a flurry on them and clearly get a visual fall but the ref says it’s over and Brick City already won. Good match but the finish was super weird. I’d like to see this run back with a less controversial end.

Winners: Brick City Boyz


Main Event: “The Prize” Alec Price vs “The Timeless One” Crowbar (No DQ)

Crowbar isn’t backed by his monster Percival tonight….but it IS No DQ. Price comes right in to unload on Crowbar at the bell! Crowbar throws him off but Price is right back in his face with head scissors, dropkicks and outside dives! Price is feeling the crowd a little too much through and Crowbar baseball slides him in the spine. Price right back with a high cross body. Crowbar is the timeless one but Price is an infinite ball of energy and the WCW vet is having a hard time keeping him contained. Crowbar with a sunset flip head scissor off the ropes and he finally starts to grind our Ace out. He rakes Alec across the ropes and chokes him with it. Price firing back up, roll ups and head kicks topple Crowbar. Price caught and given an arm trap body toss. Sick move. Crowbar trying to get his finisher meter up with some taunts….He traps Price in a straight jacket hangman’s neckbreaker. Wow. Slingshot splash for two! Crowbar has been saying “there are no 30+ year vets going at the level I do”….he is proving that yet again. Price firing up for his knee strikes but Crowbar has the third one scouted. He’s not trash. The crowd chanting GAHBIDGE at him but Crowbar hits a huge pop up sitout powerbomb for two. It’s not enough to put away the Prize though. Price duckin and weaving…Superman punch off the rope! Springboard tornado ddt! Kick out! We just hit the 10 minute mark and Price is looking to close this out. Price firing those knees and boots again and this time the third one lands! Top rope leg lariat! Crowbar kicks out! Price is ready and runs up the ropes for a block bustah! Crowbar kicks out and is right back up with chops! He catches Price with a DVD for two! Crowbar back to choking Pri e in the ropes, hangman’s legdrop bounces Alec’s face off the apron. Price thrown to the wall of the World Famous White Eagle. We have a chair set up…Crowbar trying to put Price to sleep. Clothesline of the apron into the chair! Crowbar wraps a chair around Price and hits a northern lights! Awesome spot but the Prize kicks out. Crowbar trying the dragon sleeper….Price fighting it…he’s not done…Crowbar goes for the reverse ddt but Price catches him with a rollup…the legs are trapped and Crowbar is pinned! This ruled.

Winner: Alec Price

Price is barely moving. Crowbar is in shock at the loss but puts Alex over hard. He begs to help Price to his feet. “You are effing amazing” he says of Price as they hug. 

Crowbar leaves…but Sidney Bakabella and Channing Thomas are out here to applaud for the Ace. They are helping chant for Alec? “What are you doing here?” says Price. “Congratulations, kid” says Bakabella as they slither back behind the curtain. 

Meanwhile, we have a result change.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. That one weird finish aside, there were some REALLY STRONG promos tonight, especially the segment with BRG and Tyree: That was something special. But where was my most hated member of the Wrestling Open roster? 



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