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By Cory Strode on 2022-09-30 23:00:00

It is Friday, and this week’s Rampage was recorded right after Dynamite in the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia PA. Our commentary team is Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone.

The Acclaimed (AEW Tag Team Champions) vs Private Party vs Butcher and The Blade

They let the Acclaimed get their ring entrance on the show, probably because it is so over with the audience. They mock the local sports teams so they don’t have the whole babyface thing down yet.

Isiah Kassidy and Anthony Bowens start out the match. They quickly move to take downs and then trading two counts. We are reminded by the commentary team that Butcher and Blade and Private Party have been together in the Andrade Family Office, but Matt Hardy is working to get Private Party back in his good graces.

After a near miss with a kick by Kassidy, Bowens mocks him a bit and they shake hands as Butcher and Blade reach out for tags. Kassidy takes time to let them know he’s not tagging them in, and Bowens and Kassidy go to the Acclaimed corner where Max Caster tags in. Max hits a drop kick and then scissors Daddy Ass. They run the ropes and Max tries for a sunset flip. As Kassidy is fighting it, Bowens comes in and hits the neck breaker onto Max’s knees.

Marq Quen rushes the ring and Max is able to pick his ankle and hold him so that Bowens can leap from the top onto him. A leg drop to the yam bag. Butcher and Blade rush the ring and all six men are fighting with Butcher and Blade beating everyone down. They force a tag with Kassidy. Private Party tries for the silly string, but Blade catches them and flips them to the floor with help from Butcher.

Bowens tries fighting back, but it’s two against one as we go to picture in picture.

As we return to full screen, Butcher and Blade have kept Bowens in the ring, beating him down. Blade hits a power slam for a two count. Butcher tags in and hits a leg drop for a two count. Blade then tags in and Bowens tries to fight his way free. Bowens hits a thrust kid and both men are down. Butcher cuts off the tag by taking out Max and as Kassidy is body dropped across the ring, Quen tags himself in.

Quen gets a chance to clean house. Kassidy is tagged in and he hits a neck snap on Butcher and then hits poetry in motion on Blade. Quen holds Blade for a neck breaker and Kassidy then hits him with a senton and covers for the two, broken up by Max.

Max sends Quen over the top, allowing Blade to get a blind side attack knocking Max to his corner. Butcher and Blade hits a gut buster followed by a gut wrench and a two count on Kassidy. Bowens breaks it up and is tossed out of the ring. Butcher and Blade send Kassidy into the ropes, and he’s able to change direction and shove them into each other. They are tossed out of the ring and Kassidy hits a springboard onto them, but Bowens tags Kassidy as he flies by. Max leaps onto the pile.

Max rolls Blade into the ring and Bowens hits the Arrival. Max follows with the mic drop and Bowens covers for the three count and the win.

Winners and still AEW Tag Team Champions: The Acclaimed

Lexi Nair has an interview segment with The Gunn Club, Stokely and W. Morrisey.  They said they are going to leapfrog FTR and go for the AEW Tag Team titles.

After a commercial break, AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill was talking trash when Nyla Rosa, Marina Shafir and Vickie Guerrero showed up.  Nyla challenged her to a title match.  Jade said she can have it but on Jade's time.  Battle of the Belts perhaps?

Lee Moriarty vs Already In The Ring Fuego del Sol

Lee slaps on a cravat and then takes him down for a two count. Lee pulls Fuego up and gets some strikes in and cuts off offense with a series of kicks and stomping Fuego against the bottom rope. He then hits Fuego with an arm capture suplex. He then hits a flapjack slam and puts in the motor city stretch for the tap out victory.

Winner: Lee Moriarty

After the match, W. Morrissey picks Fuego up with a one handed claw and slams him down.

Lexi is with Hangman Page and Dark Order.  Andrade and Jose show up and calls out 10.  He challenges him to a match at Dynamite and if he wins, he gets 19s match.  10 agrees but says if Andrade loses, he leaves AEW.  Ethan Page and Stokely show and tell Andrade that Matt Hardy is trying to tamper with Private Party's contracts.

Jaime Hayter vs Willow Nightingale

Hayter gets cheered when she comes out, until Britt Baker and Rebel join her.

They start with a take down and Hayter gets in a series of blows until Willow reverses and gets her own series of blows. They trade waist locks and then go to running the ropes. Hayter can’t budge Willow with charges, and Willow takes her down with a shoulder block and then hits a standing back senton. Willow gets a two count. Willow then gets a fisherman’s suplex for a two count.

Willow attacks in the corner with chops. Willow cartwheels out of the way of an attack by Hayter, but Hayter meets her with a thrust kick. Hayter hits running knees in the corner as we go picture in picture.

As we return to full screen, Hayter and Willow are trading forearms and chops. Hayter gets tossed to the corner for more chops. Then tosses her into the ropes for a slam and a two count. Willow picks up Hayter, but Hayter escapes and hits a neck breaker for a two count. Hayter hits a series of blows to Willow, and they run the ropes. Willow hits the pounce and Hayter is knocked out of the ring.

Willow goes outside the ring and rolls Hayter in and scares off Rebel. When she rolls into the ring, Hayter is waiting for her and stomps her to keep her down. Willow is able to reverse an Irish whip and gets a Death Valley Driver on Hayter for a two count. Willow goes to the top, but Baker grabs Willow’s boot, allowing Hayter to get over for a German Suplex. Hayter then hits a short arm lariat for the cover and the three count.

Winner: Jamie Hayter

They air a video package on Wardlow and Samoa Joe.

Ryan Nemeth vs Hook

Ryan is in the ring getting all kinds of cheap heat.  He insults Rocky, Ben Franklin and finally ECW.  Someone calls Hook.

Hook clotheslines Ryan, nails a series of cross faces and then Redrum.

Winner: Hook

Not sure if that was a match since there wasn’t a referee in the ring or Hook just felt like he was tired of watching Ryan struggle with the cheapest of cheap heat gimmicks.

The Trust Busters come out and leave an envelope on a plate on the stage and back away as Hook goes to the back.

They showed footage of Swerve Strickland at the Rolling Loud musical festival over the weekend.

Mark Henry asks about how Andrade is trying to poach 10 from the Dark Order. Silver says their man crush on 10 is over. Rush states that all the little man does is talk and he’s tired of talking. So, Mark Henry tells us there’s been enough talk and it’s time for the main event.

Rush vs John Silver

They start by running the ropes and Rush hits a shoulder tackle. They run the ropes again and Silver takes down Rush with an uppercut. Rush rolls to the outside. Silver does the Rush “Tranquilo” pose, which fires Rush up.

Rush enters the ring and nails Silver with a right hand strike. Rush works him over in the corners. Rush then hits Silver in the back with a drop kick, The fight goes to the floor and Rush tosses Silver repeatedly into the barricade. Rush tosses Silver into the ring.

He drops Silver with another elbow strike. Rush starts the bull’s horns, but stops short and hits him with a kick as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Rush goes to the top and misses a senton as Silver dodges out of the way. Silver and Rush trade charges into the corner, but Silver is able to hit a pair of German suplexes. Silver tries to toss Rush into the ropes, but Rush reverses. Silver comes off the ropes and when Rush tries to leap over him, Silver grabs Rush and slams him for a two count.

Silver can’t get Rush over for a suplex and instead starts in with kicks. Rush fires back and gets a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Rush mocks Silver with kicks and slaps. They get to their feet and trade forearms. Rush is able to win the exchange with a straight punch. Rush comes off the ropes, but Silver is able to stop his suplex and instead hits a brain buster on Rush for a two count.

Jose gets on the apron and Alex Reynolds takes him down. Rush clocks Silver as Silver was dealing with Andrade. Rush hits the Bull's Horns and covers for the three.

Winner: Rush

Andrade’s team attacks Silver and Reynolds. Dark Order comes out and they are getting the upper hand until Butcher and Blade come to the ring. Adam Page then charges the ring and turns the tide. Jose gets the buck shot lariat as we are desperately out of time!

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