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By Steven Fernandes on 2022-09-30 13:17:00

As Mike Johnson reported earlier today, Vice TV's Tales from the Territories' first episodes will be devoted to topics revolving around the old Memphis Wrestling territory.

Several recent Canadian casting calls from August and September give some insight into additional episodes for this season, specifically into wrestling personalities they were casting for re-enactment scenes.

Episode 4 looks to be focusing on Championship Wrestling from Florida as they were casting for younger versions of Bob Roop, Kevin Sullivan, The Brisco Brothers, Barry Windham, Mike Graham, Hiro Matsuda, Hulk Hogan, Pat Patterson, a CWF Referee (must look similar to Bill Alfonso) and more. 

Episode 5 looks be focusing on Stampede Wrestling as they were casting younger versions of Stu Hart, Bret Hart, Smith Hart, Helen Hart, The Mongolian Stomper, Andre the Giant, Dr. D, and more. 

There were also casting calls for those of Polynesian descent, obviously for an episode based around Polynesian Pro Wrestling, which The Rock's grandmother promoted.

They were also casting for a Dwayne Johnson at 15 years old. 

There was also a casting call for 'wrestlers, Fighters, Boxers, and talent with Stunt or Martial Arts Training' to play various wrestlers for a shooting starting in October. 


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