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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-30 12:27:00

Chuck Taylor, Kris Statlander and Orange Cassidy appear on one of the latest episodes of Netflix's The Floor is Lava that are now streaming on Netflix.

So, how did they do on the obstacle course reality series?

Wellll, not so great, as two members of the team suffered the unfortunate fate of landing in the lava.

Team AEW were the third team to attempt to make it across the room with all three members intact and had they been able to make it across with at least two members, they would have advanced to the final "Volcano" round.

While Kris Statlander did make it across the room, showing some great athleticism across the board, especially with her final leap to the exit, Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy each fell prey to the lava below.

Taylor made it about halfway across the room before slipping while standing on a swing, falling into the lava and being eliminated.

Orange Cassidy made it all the way to one of the final obstacles, having to leap onto a giant beach ball before going for the exit door.  He landed on the beach ball but shortly thereafter slipped off, going into the lava as he held his thumb up Terminator 2-style.  Cassidy's run featured a lot of the lackadaisical style and personality he shows in the ring and that was played up on the show.  

Had Cassidy been able to exit, he and Statlander would have crossed quick enough for the entire AEW team to advance to the final round, but it was not to be.

There was some AEW in-ring footage shown and everyone came off likable in their pre and post-run interviews together.  

A GoFundMe Campaign has been launched for the family of Dennis Bowe, who works as an audio technician for AEW after his home was lost due to the effects of Hurricane Ian in Florida.  It was noted that during the storm, Bowe's home caught power after a power surge and even after the local fire department put the fire out, it caught fire after a second power surge.  Bowe's family are safe and had evacuated after the initial fire.  Bowe was on the road for AEW at the time and returned home to find the home destroyed.  A number of AEW talents and staff have already contributed, helping the campaign already double its initial goal today.  To contribute to the campaign and assist Bowe's family, click here

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