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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-09-26 07:43:00

Casino bonuses have become an important marketing tool for attracting new customers to the casino apps in Canada and retaining existing ones through user loyalty. Previously, there were many bonuses, but their conditions were very dubious and misled players, making it impossible to withdraw winnings. However, with increased competition and pressure from licensing authorities, the situation has improved significantly, and now you can find many attractive bonuses with fair terms of use and wagers. Such rewards can really benefit the player.

How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

Every best online casino always provides special offers to its customers. A bonus is a kind of reward for creating an account at a casino, making a deposit, or betting and gambling with real money. Often the bonus is given in the form of credit, with which you can play, and upon fulfilling certain conditions, the bonus funds will be credited to your account. Also, a common form of bonuses is the so-called free spins and the return of part of the lost money (cashback). Bonuses lengthen the game and give you a second chance if you lose. With the help of bonuses, you can continue to play casino even when the deposit is forfeited. Even though the bonus wagering requirements require multiple wagering, you still have a chance to turn the bonus into a casino win.

Main Types of Bonuses

There are several main types of bonuses:

  • Deposit bonus – depending on the deposit amount, a player gets a bonus on credit. Mostly a bonus of 50% or 100% of your deposit is offered, and sometimes the casino offers 200% or even all 300%. But do not forget about the limitations. A 150% bonus is usually offered on a €150 deposit. Also, don't forget about the wagering requirements of the prizes offered.

  • The no deposit bonus is widespread, especially among freeloaders who want to win money without risk. Usually, a bonus is given for registration without making any deposit. Mostly the bonus is from 10 to 20 euros, but the wagering requirements are pretty complicated.

  • Free spins – in this option, gamers are not offered money bonuses, but they get the opportunity to get free spins in popular slots. In the case of winning, all winnings are credited to the bonus account. You must fulfill additional conditions to send it to your account and turn it into real money.

  • Cashback bonus – the casino returns part of the money you lost in the form of a prize.

  • Loyalty program – playing casino is interested in keeping its players for as long as possible. For this, the casino offers a unique loyalty program for them. It isn't easy to classify the benefits of a loyalty program. The loyalty program often includes loyalty points for online stores, exclusive games, or competitions between players. In addition, lower wagering requirements or higher withdrawal limits are sometimes offered. Our bonus rating can be found here.

Remember that chasing bonuses can carry hazards.

How To Profit from The Bonus

Before you activate a reward, you need to study the conditions and casino features for its use. Withdrawing winnings in most cases is prohibited until the promotion is fully wagered. For this reason, it is sometimes more profitable to refuse the offer than to limit money withdrawal.

The biggest wager is the no deposit bonus. Experienced gamblers consider promotion with a wager higher than x40-x50 unprofitable. At the same time, it is better to wager a no deposit bonus in a casino in the first hours after receiving it since short terms are set for wagering. It is easier with deposit rewards – the period of their use can reach 15-30 days, and the wager rarely exceeds x35.

Operators closely monitor the progress of the game for bonus funds. The casino administration may take additional time to check the process when forming a withdrawal request. According to the rules, the best in slot machines, table, and card games are considered in different proportions. There is a ban on playing at equal chances and using specific strategies.

The client can quickly fulfill the wagering conditions by playing for high stakes. You can get more real money if you listen to the casino tips. Understanding this, the administration limits the maximum bet per spin and prescribes this in the rules. However, experienced gamblers do not recommend playing at maximum bets but advise choosing an average. This will allow you to stay in the game longer and increase your chances of winning.

Other casino life hacks that you need to consider to get a bonus in an online casino that you can wager:

  • Restriction on the types of games. Some operators do not indicate what percentage of the bet counts depending on the chosen game of chance but simply prohibit wagering on roulette, blackjack, and live dealer games. Launching such projects may lead to the automatic cancellation of the bonus account.

  • Slot limit. Sometimes casinos prohibit wagering rewards on machines with a high RTP. Then the conditions indicate a list of slots you can bet with a real money bonus. The same goes for free spins.

  • The wage for the amount of the bonus and deposit. If the rules indicate that the wagering coefficient applies not only to the amount of the promotion but also to the deposit, this means that the wage will double. You should not take such a "gift".


Casino bonuses are an excellent opportunity to start the gaming process without risking your own money. This will be especially beneficial for beginners just starting to get acquainted with the world of excitement. However, to receive a reward, it is recommended to follow the institution's rules strictly; otherwise, instead of the desired prize, you may face a ban.


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