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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-09-26 10:08:00

Beyond Wrestling “Bish at the Beach”

9/25/22 Westerly, RI

Taped for VOD on

There are soooooooo many pre-show shenanigans happening today. The atmosphere of Paddy’s Beach Club is an amazing amount of fun today.

We even had a Hitchcockian seagull “attack”…which is exactly what happens in New England when the beaches aren’t full anymore and a bunch of wrestling people gather with food in the vicinity.


Paul Crockett & Alyssa Marino are your commentators! Sam Laterna is doing backstage interviews! Rich Palladino swears he’s not drinking yet as our announcer. I have a fishbowl full of blue liquid let’s goooooooooooo!

(Ok, it’s all spoilers from here so stop reading if you wanna wait for the VOD to hit!)

Match 1: Locked & Loaded (Dan Barry & 50 Cal) vs Teddy Goodz & Little Mean Kathleen

This might be a Shook Crew event but all the amazing patterned shirts around today make this Dan Barry show in spirit. LMK & 50 pointing at the drone? Oh there’s a drone. Are we getting drone shots on the tape? 50 & LMK rip off their shirts and it’s time to get to business…by tagging out. Dan Barry ain’t taking his shirt off, respectfully. LMK trying to hit him with a plastic boogie board but the shot is so ineffectual that the ref doesn’t even try to call that a DQ. 50 with a good slam on Goodz, Locked & Loaded landing the good combo work. Teddy escapes, LMK going wild! Running stomps! Spear! She doesn’t even need the boogie board! 50 with a catching German but LMK rolls to the tag. High cross body from Goodz! Barry with the save as LMK tries to save her partner. Barry with the I’m sorry I love you before accidentally superkicking 50…LMK Dudley dogs Dan Barry into 50 Cal and Goodz picks up the pin!

Winners: Goodz & LMK

Match 2: Tristian Thai vs “Da Big Boofa” Dezmond Cole

Low key banger alert! Crowd is HOT for Da Big Boofa! Really good back and forth sequences between Cole and Thai in the early going. Thai with a snap monkey flip into the buckles and pairs that with a brutal kick for two. Cole with a quick flip body scissor to a pin for two. Thai tries a crossface submission. Boofa is out but lands in a dragon sleeper. Thai with hard kicks! Suplex from Cole! Boofa off the top, pop up rock bottom for two! This is very even, no one really taking a full advantage, back and forth hard shots. Thai dodges a swanton! Axe kick! Snap blockbuster from Thai closes this out! This was very awesome.

Winner: Tristan Thai

Match 3: Triple Thicc (Eel O’Neal, Brook Valentine & Uptown Andy Brown) vs Hispanic Mechanics (Jos A & Jos B) and Clara Carreras 

This is just magic. Clara and the Mechanics want to go swimming. Jos A and Eel get to a little dance magic. Eel stuck in an airplane spin but A can’t capitalize and Andy Brown eats him for breakfast. But then they yeet Clara at Brown and it turns into a B fight! Valentine is more than willing to go power for power with Jos B. Brown with a cheap shot to the back and Valentine blasts him down. B is stuck in hell for a while, trying to stay alive until he gets a tag to Clara! La Chica going ham on Eel but Valentine has seen enough and throws Clara away. There’s some dissention between Brooke and Andy because he’s a man and clearly only he knows how to do things right. In the fray, Clara sprays Brown in the face with a squirt gun and hits a high cross body! Frog splash! Brooke just lets it happen as Clara hooks the legs and pins Uptown!

Winners: Hispanic Mechanics & Clara Carreras

Match 4: Brick City Boyz (Victor Chase & JCruz) vs Rex Lawless & Ryan Galeone 

I have been STOKED for this matchup since it was announced. This is the proverbial Big Meaty Men Slapping Meat I wanted to to be. Rex showing power but Cruz chop blocks the knee out and Brick City takes the advantage. Rex gets the beatdown, escape to tag Galeone. Ryan catches Chase and just tosses him. Ryan just yeeting Brick City around. Tag back to Rex! Double clothesline! Chop ‘em up! Chokeslam Chase into Cruz! Cruz catches Rex with a screwdriver or something to the eye. The ref misses the shot but Sends help for Rex. Galeone is left alone but willing to fight all of Brick City. Brick City with a Double World strongest slam! Ryan with the flippy thing! He takes out Chase but Cruz breaks up the pin! They hit the Brick End! Galeone kicks out! They can’t believe it! Galeone throwing headbutts but Brick City endures, hits a second Brick End and picks up the win! Really liked the story here.

Winners: Brick City Boyz

Match 5: Ray Jaz vs Fancy Ryan Clancy

Clancy runs right in and tackles Jaz! They scramble hard, Jaz throws Clancy to the corner and landing hard shoulder blocks. Clancy still has his ribs taped but unloading on his assailant. Jaz is staying in it but Clancy just keeps coming. Jaz finally gets an overhead toss and starts to stomp out the Fancy One. The crowd is all over Jaz and he just whips Clancy to the buckles HARD. This match has turned and Jaz is unloading on that midsection. Suplex gutbuster into the top rope. Owwww. Clancy with a reversal and crossbodies Jaz over the top into the sand! Trading shots! Clancy with a spinning back fist! Body slams! Dropkick! Jaz catches another dropkick and turns it into a Boston crab! Fancy with a reversal into a single leg crab! Jaz fights to the rope! This is dangerous….Jaz tries the backslide! Clancy reverses it! Jaz tries the side Russian! Clancy fighting it off! Clancy hits it! Jaz gets a foot to the rope nooooooooooo! Clancy gets tripped up on the top rope and crotches himself. Jaz tries to capitalize…flying headbutt misses! Jaz hits the cradle bomb…Clancy kicks out!!!! Let’s go Fancy!!!! Jaz is enraged and dropping bombs to the back of the head. Ray applies the Jazmission and Clancy goes to sleep. Argh. 

Winner: Ray Jaz…always Ray Jaz <sob>

Match 6: Miracle Ones (Kylon King, Dustin Waller & Ichiban w/ Shawn Knyte) vs Waves & Curls & Even More Curls (Traevon Jordan, Jaelyn Brandyn & Willow Nightingale)

The crowd is very pro Wrestling Open here and WCEMC use that as fuel to the upstarts. Miracle Ones endure the early beatdown and start to lay into Brandyn. Traevon makes the save but Miracle Generation start unloading their tandem moves on the big man. Willow with the tag in and going wild! Time to smash these youngins! Spine buster to Ichiban! Fisherman’s buster for two! Kylon makes the save but Willow slapping the f*** out of him. Dustin tries an apron cutter but she catches him with a DVD into the hardest part of the ring! The fight spills into the sand! This war is going back and forth! Kylon with a high knee to Brandyn but he takes out the knee! Ichiban with the flatliner! Waterfall of finishers! Kylon blasts Willow a running knee but Brandyn almost rolls him up. Kylon with a tombstone! Miracle Ones hit a triple powerbomb! Ichiban with an elbow drop as Miracle Generation dive out to Jaelyn’s partners. Ichiban gets the three!!!

Winners: Miracle Ones

Willow plays the peacekeeper as Ichiban and a Traevon almost get into it and we end with some real sportspersonship handshakes and dance moves! Let’s go to intermission because my fishbowl full of blue drink is empty and requires filling! 


Match 7: Masha Slamovich vs Trish Adora

I am STOKED for this, since we missed it at the Scenic City Invitational this year due to airline stupidity. Very even feeling out period. Adora gets the wrist and works Masha down. Quick pin attempts, Masha tries to escape but Trish hits a northern lights for another shot at the three. Masha coming back, wrenching at the face and trying for the submission….nah, not that easy. Trish right back, takes out the knee, running hip and a pulldown powerbomb for two! Masha catches her in a triangle….Trish out, catch the wrist and Masha blasts a lariat for two! Masha with a HUGE Northern Lights bomb and puts Trish down! This was a really good chess match encounter, no one really having an advantage for very long and it really feels like Masha caught Trish instead of BEATING her. This will get run back for sure.

Winner: Masha Slamovich 

Match 8: Tyree Taylor vs Big Beef Gnarls Garvin

Let’s slap some meat!!!! Power to a stalemate, these are beefy Boyz. Test of strength….Taylor our of a full bridge! Trading clubbing blows and they tumble into the sand of Paddy’s Beach Club! Beef with a back drop to the apron! Tyree is hurtin. Is Garvin more man than the big boy from Brooklyn. Huge headbutt….Taylor is very much on the backpedal. Garvin sticking and moving…Tyree is barely defending himself…this is getting uncomfortable. Bulldog spikes Tyree out of the corner…two count! Tyree finally catches him…uranage! Big man step spot! Second rope moonsault! Kick out! Tyree misses the discus..Beef with a saito! Hangman’s crossbody! Tyree dodges a top rope splash! Discus lariat! Brooklyn Zoo! Tyree wins! 

Winner: Tyree Taylor

Match 9: “World Class” Channing Thomas (w/ Sidney Bakabella) vs The Tender Weapon (w/ Love Doug)

Now just to be PERFECTLY F***ING CLEAR, The Tender Weapon is not Hot Sauce Tracy Williams. Hot Sauce Tracy Williams is an entirely different human who is definitely not here today and I am aghast at how these rumors get started. Anyways, Love Doug has Angel wings. The Tender Weapon likes how oily Channing is. The Weapon swivels and gets a world class abdominal stretch on that world ass. Bakabella runs in and says this is inappropriate. He gets into a Rick Rude-off with Tender Weapon but Channing ambushes Weapon since he’s ACTUALLY in the match. Thomas thinks Weapon is a joke but keeps getting stopped by some superior technical ability. Bakabella has to interfere and stop the submissions. He tries to throw a handful of sand but the wind does not work in his favor lolllllll. Tender Weapon is done with him. He rips off Bakabella’s wig! He has a wig under the wig?!? Love Doug rips off the other wig! Chaos in the ring, Did Bakabella slip Channing something? Channing decks Tender Weapon with WHATEVER HE GOT and that starches him. Channing gets the three. Sidney Bakabella is bald but celebrating his charge’s definitely uncontested victory…and calls out ALEC PRICE. Oh my.

Winner: Channing Thomas 


Main Event: Alec Price & Becca vs Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando w/ Bobby Junior)

So I’m still not sure HOW Price & Becca are still a couple but here we are. Maybe it will finally implode for real this time. Bobby Orlando has a goat pool float and Bobby Junior in a shark costume. Everything is amazing. Alec wants to play with the goat float but Becca stops that. Dat Bish No fun. Shook Crew appreciates Price’s penchant for fun stuff. Does Orlando have the strength to contend with the Prize? BIG STRONG GOAT! Price with a great high hype rope walk arm drag spot! This is getting great…which is exactly when Becca tags herself in. Orlando and Bryce start to take Becca apart. The crowd does love seeing Becca sad. Price is kind of…there and taking in Becca’s situation. Meanwhile, Orlando blasts a spear for two. Becca finally escapes and forces Price to tag in. Price surfing on Orlando…the crowd is singing WIPE OUT and Price jumps off into a splash. Orlando escapes a tandem splash and gets Bryce in there. Huge chokeslam to Price! Running uppercut! Becca tries to get involved but she eats a boot. Bryce crotched on the top rope and sent to the sand! Becca trying to goad Price to attack Bryce but he ain’t having it. If she wants to beat him up, she has to do it herself. Price ain’t getting cheaty today. Becca takes a page out of Alec’s book, to the crowds dismay. He gets booted off the apron. Orlando going house. Becca eats a missile dropkick! Flying cutter! Becca kicks out! Sick trick moonsault misses! Knee strike! Tag to Price! Orlando runs him into Becca! Bryce uses Becca as a weapon! Tree of woe dropkick? Price dodges and Becca eats it! Prize City tornado ddt to Bryce but the ref is wiped out! Double dive to Shook Crew on the sand! Becca steals Bobby Junior?!? Is she going to drown him in the ocean? Bryce makes the save! Flying clothesline off the stage! Bobby’s on the life guard station?!? Price follows him up! Dives into the sand! Becca eats it! Chaos back in the ring, Becca up…assisted Stick up into a destroyer?!?!?! Sick spot. Orlando kicks out! Price wants the Suprize kick but Becca has a handful of sand. Price tries to talk her down from cheating as there’s no need for it but she throws it in Alec’s face. Argh. Bryce catches her from behind with a slam. Orlando with an elbow drop and Becca takes the L! 

Winners: Shook Crew

The crowd wants Price to break up with Becca yet again. Price knows that Becca is just a huge jerk who refuses to grow. Not a Bish, a b****. As he’s been in Worcester every week, she hasn’t been there. Not there, not in his corner. But WE’VE been there for him. He doesn’t need her. It’s been a year, their contract is DONE. And on New Year’s? He lets Becca know they have a date in the ring. :O

So yeah, with that we close our third show at Paddy’s Beach Bar in Westerly, RI. This is legit one of the most FUN show experiences Ive had all year. I was sad to miss last years edition because I remember what a blast year one was. This is a wildly entertaining time. The energy from the crowd AND wrestlers for THIS SHOW IN PARTICULAR should be experienced in person. Make the trip…and order a Shark Attack. See you Thursday.


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