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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-28 10:00:00

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Eddie Guerrero passed away almost 20 years ago. But he’s still frequently referenced on wrestling shows (not solely WWE). No other wrestler who passed away gets his named chanted as often as he does, most wrestlers alive don’t get it either. Fans young and old continue to wear his T-shirt. In your opinion what was so special about Eddie, what was special about his connection?

In addition to being an amazing in-ring wrestler, he had a unique charisma that resonated with people.  He had the It factor.

Isn't Malakai Black being granted his release from AEW setting a bad precedent? Anyone that's signed to a long-term contract with AEW, who now also wants to leave and return to WWE can also do the same and follow suit.

Well, they can only do it if Tony Khan lets them out of their contract.  With that said, I believe Tony said years ago that he didn’t want to keep people in AEW that weren’t happy.  I respect that.  I guess he will have to decide where the line is for himself.  But, in this case, Malakai himself states he's still with AEW, so there hasn't been a release granted.

I've never watched NXT UK, so please excuse me if this is a dumb question. Who is Ilja Dragunov, and why did his appearance get JD McDonough so upset? And why did it make Bron Breaker laugh?

He was the champion before injury forced him to give up the Title.  He’s also been in some amazing matches in the brand.  Keep watching, you will see what he is all about.

I know you have your qualms with AEW.  WWE has become watchable again for me under HHH, but I still often prefer the in ring work from AEW.  My biggest issues with AEW are the on again off again factions, start and stop storylines, and manager carousel with certain performers.  Are those some of the things you take issue with as well?

Yep, that’s what turns me off about AEW a lot of the time.  I have been watching wrestling for over 40 years.  I have seen every kind of match there is so what I care the most about are the stories that lead to the match and the characters that work the matches.  AEW has dropped the ball there for me.  I get that some people place action first, but that isn’t me.

The undisputed title, the tag team titles, no one from Raw has had a shot at Roman, all Raw tag teams taken out of number 1 contender match. Does this mean Smackdown has become the top show?

If you look at the ratings, it already is the top show since more people are watching it.  And now, with NFL Football back on Mondays, it makes sense to do the more important stuff on the show that more people are watching.

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