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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-23 10:00:00


Do you think Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, etc. feel any pangs of regret knowing they'll never work for Vince McMahon again?

No, I think they are happy to be cashing their check, no matter who pays them.  Whether they like Vince or not personally, they made the decision to go to AEW and work against him and WWE at the time.  I doubt the circumstances of McMahon's resignations play into anything.  Remember, Vince McMahon released lots of talents over the course of their careers and I doubt he felt the pang of regret that they were fired.  The road travels both ways.

Is it possible the AEW crowd in NYC was down because they run the Northeast too much?

No, they hadn't been to NYC in a year.  That is a market all to itself.  Running New Jersey, Philly, etc. doesn't play into it.  

Why do you think AEW's audience dropped from last week?

I expected it to drop.  Literally EVERY major broadcast over the air network was debuting new seasons of lots of shows this week.  There was no way they weren't going to take some of the audience from AEW.  They were still number one on cable but like football taking a bite out of Raw, I expected the new and returning shows to take a bite out of AEW.  

There's been a lot of talk the last few days of CM Punk taking a buyout on his AEW contract, but we haven't seen that on  Why not?  Is the buyout true?  Why would Punk take a buyout?

There's been a lot of talk of a lot of things since the AEW All Out fight online - a lot of opinion, a lot of conjecture and a lot of differing stories.  The buyout thing is the latest floating around.  Unless there's something we can lock down and confirm, we aren't going to report it.    It could be true, but it's just something that's floating around, at least in terms of someone speculating about it.  As far as why Punk would take a buyout, in theory, either he doesn't want to be there anymore or AEW doesn't want him there anymore, but again, there's no substantive proof that's even an option for either side at this point as the third-party investigation is still, as far as we know, ongoing.

Why is AEW pushing a video game so hard when we don't even know the release date?

Tony Khan told me in 2021 that the company made an eight-figure investment into the Fight Forever video game.  The company has to do everything that can to promote and sell and get people excited for the game.  That's basic business sense.  They need to try and get back everything they put into it, plus more.  They wouldn't be doing pre-orders if they didn't have a general idea, at least internally, when its going to ship.

Where was FTR at Grand Slam?

That is a great question.  I am told they weren't at the show.  No idea why.  It may have just been creative plans since that taping was ridiculously packed in terms of matches.

Can you think of anything dumber than publishing WWE Christmas ornament news?

Your question now that we published it.

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