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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-22 22:02:00

Welcome to this week's edition of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV!

Impact is once again in Dallas with your hosts Matt Rehwoldt and Tom Hanifan.

We open with a video package on everything that brought us to Victory Road tomorrow on PPV.

Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Brian Myers vs. Bhupinder Gujjar.

Gujjar nailed a big kneedrop and worked over Myers, drilling him with a spinkick.  Gujjar nailed a Samoan Drop and went to the ropes, going for the Gargoyle spear but was kicks in mid-air.  Myers went for a ladder but was nailed by Gujjar.  Gujjar placed a ladder in the ring but was attacked.  Myers set up the ladder and climbed up but Gujjar grabbed him and nailed a cutter off the ladder.  Gujjar speared Myers into the ladder and he crashed to the floor.  Gujjar climbed up but was sent flying when Myers tipped over the ladder.  Gujjar crashed into the ropes.  Gujjar was bleeding from the nose.  Myers whipped him into a ladder in the corner, which then crashed down upon him.  They each set up a ladder next to each other.  They battled to get to the top of each ladder.  They battled atop the ladders.  Myers was knocked off.  Gujjar grabbed the belt but Myers recovered and nailed a belly to back suplex off the ladder.

Myers set up a ladder on the floor.  Gujjar and Myers battled.  Myers powerbombed him onto a ladder that was laid across the ring steps.  Myers pulled himself up the ladder, trying to grab the belt.  Gujjar pulled him down and nailed a superkick.  Gujjar climbed the ladder but was nailed with a lowblow.  Myers used tape to trap Gujjar on the ladder, unable to climb further.  Myers grabbed the belt.

Your winner and still Digital Media Champion, Brian Myers!

Heath Miller told Josh Alexander and Rich Swann that he knows things have been off between them but they need to be on the same page at the PPV tomorrow. Josh said he has business to take care of with Eddie Edwards at Bound for Glory.  Heath said he's going to take care of business tonight when he calls out anyone from Honor No More for a Street Fight.  He said that he has to do it himself, without them, and walks off.  

Zicky Dice with Johnny Swinger vs. Jordynne Grace

Grace easily scored the pin with a Grace Driver.

Your winner, Jordynne Grace!

They aired a Jim Mitchell narrated video package on Max the Impaler in advance of her fighting Jordynne Grace tomorrow.

The announcers run down the lineup for Victory Road.  They announce the winners of Aussie Open vs. The Motor City Machine Guns tonight will challenge for the Tag Team titles at Bound for Glory next month.

Black Taurus with Crazzy Steve Steve vs. Mia Yim vs. Laredo Kid vs. Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel.

Everyone battled.  Trey and Zayne battled back and forth with some really nice athletic wrestling. Yim nailed them both with a missile dropkick.  She and Taurus battled back with Taurus blasting her out of the ring.  Laredo Kid nailed a missile dropkick.  He and Taurus battled with some fun lucha action.  They battled to the floor.  Trey and Zayne nailed stereo tope con hilos.  Yim nailed a bodypress to the floor.  Fun stuff.

After the commercial, Trey worked over everyone, scoring two counts.  Trey and Laredo battled on the top.  Taurus backdropped Zayne into them but Zayne nailed a double rana from the top.   Zayne nailed a DDT variation for a two count.  Everyone hit big moves until they were all laid out.  Yim powerbombed Zayne and nailed a driver but was kicked by Miguel and Kid, who broke it up.  Taurus nailed a backbreaker.  Laredo Kid missed a Spiral Tap.  Taurus hit Destination Hellhole for the pin.

Your winner, Black Taurus!

Violent by Design is back in the woods to binge Ash vs. Evil Dead!  No, sadly, I'm wrong.  Young said all the recruits are part of the revival.  They all declared "I am violence" but Young and Deaner attacked and destroyed them.

It's another vignette for Joe Hendry. A couple is arguing.  The baby isn't the father's.  He demands to know who's it is.  It's Hendry and they are overjoyed to see him and danced.  Pretty damn hilarious.

Heath Miller comes out and challenges anyone from Honor No More.  They come out and PCO is going to head to the ring.  Eddie Edwards comes out and browbeats him, telling him no.  Eddie said PCO belongs to him, not anyone else and he isn't allowed.  Heath tries to goad PCO into fighting and finally PCO bursts through them to head to the ring.

Heath vs. PCO - Street Fight.

Heath nailed a pescado but Vincent ran interference and PCO had control momentarily.  They battled up the aisle and around The Factory in Dallas.  PCO nailed him with a trash can and sent Heath into the wall.  He brought out a stack of chairs on a dolley and began tossing them around, then tossed some at Heath.  They battled to the stage, where PCO nailed a DDT.  Heath tossed PCO off the stage through the chairs  below.  Honor No More came to the ring, surrounding Heath on each side.  Rich Swann and Josh Alexander hit the scene.  Alexander locked an anklelock on Eddie, who was able to escape. Vincent tried to attack Heath but was laid out.  PCO rose from the pile and returned to the ring, throwing chairs into the ring.

PCO and Heath brawled in the ring.  PCO nailed a chokeslam.  He used a Mandible Claw to incapacitate Heath and went for a swanton onto Miller, laid out across a pile of chairs.  Miller moved and PCO crashed and burned into the chairs, where he was pinned.   

Your winner, Heath Miller!

Entertaining brawl.

Aussie Open vs. Motor City Machine Guns - Winners face OGK at Bound for Glory for Tag Team Titles

Kyle Fletcher and Alex Shelley started and battled back and forth. Some good action.  The Guns double teamed Davis but Fletcher returned to the fray.  They charged the Guns into each other, smashing them as Impact went to commercial.

When they returned, Shelley was smashed into the buckles.  Fletcher held Shelley aloft for a long time, then passed him off to Davis to finish the suplex.   Sabin finally gets the hot tag and hits some nice offense on Fletcher and Davis.  Sabin nailed a missile dropkick for a two count.  The Guns double-team Fletcher with a DDT/missile dropkick variation for a close two count.

Fletcher fought his way out of the corner and nailed a big slam on Sabin.  They worked over Sabin but Shelley made the save.  Aussie Open spotlighted all their big moves but again Shelley broke it up.    The Guns regained control with the Dream Sequence and Skull and Bones, earning a title shot.

Your winners, The Motor City Machine Guns!

Fun tag team bout.

Gia Miller interviewed Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans.  Tasha says Killer Kelly has been playing games but she's going to take her down at the PPV.  They are going to introduce her to their friend steel chair.  They go looking for her but someone snatches Evans, who has the chair into a room, leaving Tasha alone.  Tasha turns around and Kelly is sitting in the chair and asked Tasha is she wants to go.  Tasha backs off and says she'll fight her tomorrow.

Backstage, Gisele Shaw says that she's going to put Mickie James out of her misery tomorrow.  
They hold a contract signing for Barbed Wire Massacre.  The talents are signing a hold harmless agreement that releases liability against the company or the other competitors in case there is a major injury.  Scott D'Amore introduces Moose, Sami Callihan and Steve Maclin.  Sami doesn't come out and the others look at each other.  Moose said he doesn't care and signs it.  Maclin signs it. Sami finally shows up.  He's brought a barbed wire pen and when he goes to sign, Maclin grabs it and stabs him with the pen.  They work over Sami but Moose turns on Maclin.  Moose goes to attack Sami, who stops a spear attempt and piledrives him.  Sami signs the contract in his own blood.

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