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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-22 02:23:00

AEW taped the following for Grand Slam Rampage:

*Sting and Darby Allin defeated Brody King and Buddy Matthews in a No DQ match. Sting was handcuffed behind his back.  The House of Black beat Darby Allin on the stage.  Allin came back and nailed a Coffin Drop off one of the entrance tunnels onto Murphy.  He and King battled while King had Allin in a choke and they crashed off the stage through a table below.  Matthews sat Sting in a chair and was going to smash him with a baseball bat but the lights went out and The Great Muta came out to a massive roar.  Muta looked at Sting as if he was going to assist Murphy, then turned faced off with Murphy, hit with a Dragon Screw Legwhip and spewed the green mist in his face.  The blinded Matthews smashed into Julia Hart, who was knocked off the apron and overshot a table, crashing hard onto the floor.  Sting "broke free" out and pinned Murphy with a Scorpion Death Drop.  Muta and Sting showed each other respect in the ring.  The Pop for Muta's appearance was absolutely insane.

*Hook and Action Bronson defeated Angelo Parker and Matt Menard with stereo Redrums.  Bronson rapped himself and Hook to the ring.  The crowd was HOT for Bronson, who is from Queens.  This was short and perfect for what it was meant to be.  Entertaining stuff from start to finish.

*TBS Champion Jade Cargill defeated Diamante with Jaded.  Rapper Trina was with Diamante but after the match, entered the ring and slapped Diamante and aligned herself with Cargill, exiting with her, Leila Gray and Kiera Hogan.

*TNT Champion Wardlow and Samoa Joe defeated Josh Woods and Tony Nese after Joe pinned Nese with a Muscle Buster.  They caught Smart Mark Sterling in the ring after and Wardlow nailed him with the Powerbomb Symphony.

*Jungle Boy pinned Rey Fenix in a long, long competitive match.  Christian Cage came out on the stage and cut a promo on Jungle Boy.  Luchasaurus came from under the ring and destroyed Jungle Boy and beat him down.  Cage said that he wanted Luchasaurus to destroy JB for once and for all, but wished it was happening in front of Jungle Boy's mother and sister.

*Eddie Kingston defeated Sammy Guevara with Tay Melo.  Guevara feigned he was going to apologize to Kingston but instead called him a "fat piece of sh**."  They brawled all over ringside.  Kingston finally nailed Guevara with a series of spinning backfists and locked on a submission hold with Guevara blacking out.  The referee called it for Kingston but he refused to release the hold.  Jerry Lynn came out trying to talk sense into him but Kingston refused.  A bunch of officials and security ran out and Kingston wouldn't let the hold go.  Finally, referee Paul Turner announced he was overruling the original finish and Guevara was the winner.  

*Hangman Page won a Battle Royal to earn an AEW title shot at the 10/18 Dynamite in Cincinnati, eliminating Rush last.  Everyone ran out and brawled around ringside before the bell officially started.

*Ricky Starks defeated Powerhouse Hobbs in a Lights Out match.  They brawled all over the ringside area and to the stage.  Hobbs ripped a light fixture from one of the tunnels but missed striking him and was speared through a table in the corner.  Starks nailed him with the fixture and hit the running inverted powerslam for the pin.  Tony Khan came out and praised Starks.  Starks cut a promo thanking everyone who supported him as he finally got his moment tonight.

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