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By Anthony Pires on 2022-09-21 20:49:00

It's Wednesday Night! And that means that 1/2 of New York City is engulfed in Aaron Judge's quest for 62.  Those that are not have come to Arthur Ashe Stadium, home of the U.S. Open and home of Grand Slam 2. We've got a huge night ahead of us so buckle in!

Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone and Ian Riccaboni are on the call.

ROH World Title: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Jericho

Cary Silkin is at ringside.  Hmmm... Code of Honor adhered to.  Uppercuts by the champion.  Jericho slumps in the corner.  Running uppercuts by Castagnoli.  Press slam by Claudio, he crotches Jericho on the top rope.  Jericho falls to the floor and get another uppercut.  Jericho gets his head slammed into the apron and throws Cary Silkin into Castagnoli to distract him.  He chops Claudio and rolls him back in.  Jericho off the top, Claudio with an uppercut for 2.  They trade chops. Double sledge by Jericho, down goes Castagnoli. Jericho goes for the dropkick but gets an uppercut.  Jericho fights off an uppercut.  He rakes the eye after forearms by Castagnoli.  Jericho delivers a suplex to the floor as we go to commercial.

As we return, Claudio nails uppercuts.  Double stomp by the champion.  Jericho with chops in the corner.  Jericho has a rana on the 2nd rope blocked but he recovers and completes the move for 2.  Castagnoli blocks a codebreaker and hits a pop up uppercut and rains elbows on the challenger. Double stomp and a sharpshooter by Castagnoli.  Jericho makes the ropes.  Powerbomb by the champion for 2.  Chops by Claudio, he goes for a springboard stunner but eats a codebreaker for 2.  Jericho with the Walls.  Claudio struggles to make the ropes.  He gets out and stomps his challenger.  Giant Swing. I think he got 17 rotations.  Lariat for 2 by Claudio. Jericho grabs Floyd the bat by Claudio  blocks it.  Low blow by Jericho while the referee is getting rid of the bat into a Judas Effect for the pin.


Daniel Garcia joins the JAS as they celebrate on the ramp.

We hear from Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson ahead of their AEW World Title Match

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. The Acclaimed w/Billy Gunn

Each team came out with NYC rappers whose names I didn't catch.  Lee and Bowens start us off.  Lee blocks a single leg, Lee throws him off.  Go behind by Bowens into a headlock.  Lee with a shoulderblock and a hurancanrans.  THAT was impressive.  Caster tags in.  Lock up, the action spills to the corner, clean break.  Caster tries an arm drag, it goes nowhere. Lee tries a beel but Caster hooks the armdrag. Swerve tags in and he dropkicks The Acclaimed as they go for the scissors.  We go to commercial.

We are back and it's Lee with a big forearm to Caster. Lee misses a charge. Caster powerslams Swerve. Caster with a suplex on Lee.  Bowens tags in and he takes care of Swerve and chops Lee to the ground.  Swerve with a kick and the champions gets blocked on the block buster. Buckle Bomb by Bowens. Lee with a headbutt to Bowens.  Lee beels Bowens to the ramp and powerbombs Caster. Lee misses a moonsault. Bowens is still laid out.  Swerve accidentallyu nails Lee with the boom box.  Neckbreaker by Bowens, Caster's knee gives out as he goes for the mic drop.  Lee kicks out at 2.  Caster rolls out, he might be hurt.  Swerve tags in with Caster, he seems ok.  Belly to back by Caster.  Swerve meets Caster on the ropes.  Lee throws Caster into a Swerve powerbomb for 2.  Bowens pulls Caster out.  Sweve hits a 450 splash to the floor.  Swerve and Gunn go eye to eye. Gunn with a famouser as the ref escorts Lee to his corner.  Arrival by Caster and a mic drop by Caster ans Caster scores the pin.


Congratulations to our new champions!

Lexi Nair is with FTR. They congratulate the Acclaimed. They want theor title shot.  The Gunn club interrupt and make fun of them.  

Tony Schiavone is with Wheeler Yuta. Yuta gets 3 words out when MJF comes out to a riotous ovation. Yuta is receiving a verbal evisceration of epic proportion.  Yuta eventually slaps him.  MJF headbutts him and slaps Schiavone.  Yuta attacks and W Morrisey pulls him off. MJF nails Yuta with the Dynamite Diamond.

Earlier today Tony spoke with Jade and the Baddies.  She meets Diamante on Friday. Diamante will have Trina in her corner.

AEW All Atlantic Championship: Pac vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy throws his sunglasses at Pac. Inside cradle by Cassidy for 2. Pac bails avoiding an Orange Punch.  Hands in the pockets by Cassidy and his patentened kicks. They exchange shot gun dropkicks. Pac sends Cassidy into the buckle and chokes him on the bottom rope.  Action spills to the floor.  Pac sends Cassidy into the post hard.  Pac with a tope con hillo to the floor.  Shotgun dropkick off the top by the champion. Cassidy gets whipped hard into the buckle as we go to commercial.

Pac is toying with him but Cassidy punches back. Thumbs up by Cassidy. Knee by Pac. Cassidy rolls out of the way as Pac climbs the ropes. German by Pac.  Pac to the top but Cassidy just lifts his legs. Rollup for 2 by Cassidy. Pac blocks a DDT but Cassidy hits the Stundog millionaire. Diving DDT by Cassidy.  Another DDT by Cassidy for 2.  Pac catches him with a northern lights into a brutalizer. Pac rolls him up for 2.  Orange punch for 2.  Pac rolls out and grabs the ring bell hammer and nails Cassidy with iht.  Somehow the ref missed it. Pac scores the pin.


How Bryce Remsburg didn't see the hammer, I'll never know.

AEW Interim Women's World Championship: Toni Storm (champion) vs. Athena vs. Serena Deeb vs Dr. Britt Baker DMD w/Rebel

  • Athena kicks Deeb and Baker and squares off with Storm
  • Storm with a headlock takedown, Athena escapes and scores a 2 via a rollup
  • Backslide for 2 by Storm. Deeb rolls up both Storm and Athena for 2
  • Deeb applies a drop toe hold on Storm while abdominal stretching Atena.  She suplexes Athena
  • Sling blade by Baker onto Deeb
  • Storm avoids Baker's clotheslines and hits a dropkick.
  • To the top Storm goes but Deeb and Baker fight her off.
  • Athena powerbombs Deeb and Baker while they suplex Storm as we go to commercial
  • Storm and Deeb each apply sharpshooters.  They slap each other.
  • They give up their sharpshooters and slug it out.
  • Swinging neckbreaker by Baker to Storm.
  • Athena clotheslines Baker.  Deeb takes her out.
  • Baker misses a clothesline.  Hangman neckbreaker by Deeb on both Baker and Storm for 2. 
  • Serenity Lock by Deeb on Storm. Baker with a kick. 
  • Athena fallaway slams both Baker and Deeb.
  • Pwerbomb of sorts by Athena for 2 on Strm
  • Storm hits a DDT on Athena
  • Storm rolls up Baker for the pin


Baker attacks Storm post match. Jamie Hayter comes out and they double team Storm.  Deeb pounds on Athena. Baker may have broken her nose. Britt applies her glove and here comes Saraya (fka Paige) to run off Baker and Company.AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson

MJF is in a skybox watching.  Lockup, headlock takedown by Moxley. Chop exchange. Side headlock by Danielson. Moxley powers out. Leglock by Danielson, he fires away with forearms.  Chop exchange.  Danielson with hard chops and a running kick in the corner. Slaps by Danielson. Moxley with kicks and forearms in the corner. Running kick again by Danielson and more chops. Spin kick and more chops by Danielson.  Knee to the guy by Danielson.  Kicks by Danielson. Uppercut by Danielson.  Danielson misses a running knee.  Toe kicks by Moxley. Stomps the gut of Danielson. Danielson fires back with chops and kicks.  Dropkick by Danielson and a diving knee on the floor. He rolls Moxley in and hits a shotgun dropkick.  Danielson wrenches the arm but Moxley applies the choke on the apron. Danieslon suplexes him on the apron as we go to commercial.

We're back and it's Danielson with a hammerlock. Underhook by Moxley and and applies a half crab into an ankle lock. Belly to back suplex by Moxley. Chop by Moxley, he rakes Danielson's back. Headbutts by Moxley. Danielson pushes Moxley off the top rope. Danielson with a belly to back off the rope. He scores a 2. Moxley transitions into a Lebell Lock. They connect legs and trade slaps while on their heads. Cattle Mutilation by Danielson. Moxley turns it over but Danielson fires elbows. Forearms and kicks by Danielson but a Lariat by Danielson.  Danielson blocks a lariat and nails a busaiku for 2.  Kicks by Danielson. Moxley blocks one and stomps the ankle. Curb stomp and a death rider and Moxley scores a 2 count. They trade elbow strikes until Danielson hammers down the boot. Moxley sweeps the ankle. Danielson back to stomps. Triangle sleeper by Danielson into a LeBell Lock. Moxley makes the ropes.  Danielson goes for a stomp on the stage and Moxley hits the Death Rider,  He rolls Danielson backin for 2.  Sleeper by Moxley. Danielson kicks out but gets locked in harder. He fades out. The referee calls for the bell.


Lord William Regal comes to the ring and presents the belt to the new champion.

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