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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-21 10:27:00

Yesterday, reported that Starz will premiere the second season of Heels on 10/9.  Since then, several sources within the network have reached out to state that the series will not be premiering that date and an official announcement on the premiere has not yet been made.  It should be noted that the original date has been floating around for some time, so it may they are opting to premiere at a later time.  In any event, the series is not premiering on 10/9  and will will update when an official announcement is made by the cable network.

The series, based in the fictional town of Duffy, Georgia, is a deep exploration of professional wrestling on an independent level and what drives those at that level to pursue and maintain their dreams.  The Spade family are the nucleus of the series as they, led by Duffy Wrestling League owner, booker and lead heel Jack Space (Stephen Amell of "Arrow") attempt to keep the DWL going in the wake of the recent death of the family patriarch, legendary pro wrestler Tom Spade.  

Jack's rivalry in front of the fans with his brother Ace (Alexander Ludwig of "Vikings") is nothing compared to the battles they have behind the scenes about what's best for the promotion.  At the same time, Jack's unrelenting obsession and drive to keep the DWL going financially in the face of another promotion encroaching on their territory sends ripple effects home to his family, especially his wife Staci Spade, brilliantly played by Broadway star Alison Luff, in her first major starring TV role.  Meanwhile, Ace's valet and love interest Crystal deals with the disrespect of "only" being a valet even though it's obvious her keen insight into the business is outpaced only by her love for Ace.

The first season of the series was nothing short of excellent and included appearances from CM Punk as grizzled Southern wrestling veteran Ricky Rabies (obviously a take on the late Tracy Smothers) and Mick Foley playing a podcaster who will stop at nothing to get to the truth during an interview with Jack Spade.   Longtime wrestler and stunt actor Luke Hawx (Logan, The Fate of the Furious) is lead wrestling coordinator for the series.  Hawx was profiled for his work as the Wrestling Coordinator on Starz's Heels in emmy, e magazine for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Promotional material for the series' first season noted, "Set in a tightly-knit Georgia community and telling the story of two brothers (played by Amell and Ludwig) chasing their dreams of becoming professional wrestlers and the people in their orbit, Heels is a gripping drama that tells the story of small town America like nothing else. Hear them discuss the making of the show — their intensive training, blurring the line between heroes and villains (or “heels,” as they’re called in the wrestling world), stories from behind the scenes, and more."

Starz announced the second season was ordered back in November 2021.  

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