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By Larry Goodman on 2022-09-19 22:11:00

Results of the 9/18 MLW Super Series TV Taping in association with Mucha Lucha Atlanta from the Espacio Discoteque in Norcross with attendance of 1000+.  More than 95% of the audience was Hispanic. The matches with Lucha Libre performers familiar to the Mucha Lucha Atlanta fans received stronger fan reactions than the others. 

Spoilers below.

(1) Lady Flammer defeated La Hiedra and Reina Dorado and Lady Shani  in 8:39 to earn a title match with MLA Women's Champion Taya Valkarie later in the show. Hiedra, she of the big caboose, was the most over. Hiedra and Dorado gave Shani a double suplex. Flammer then pinned Shani with a top rope splash. 

After the match, Flammer attacked Valkarie, who was on color commentary and they had to be pulled apart. 



(2) Shun Skywalker (from Dragon Gate) defeated Myron Reed (with Alex Kane) to win the MLW Middleweight Championship in 11:05. Great spot where Reed tried for springboard move and Skywalker cut him off in mid air with a high dropkick. Skywalker got the better of a series of back and forth pin attempts to take the championship. 

(3) Samoan Swat Team (Juicy Finau & Lance Anoi'a with Jacob Fatu) defeated La Anexion (Angel Fashion & Mark Davidson) in 5:11. Finau got over huge with an audience that was not familiar with them going into the match. Finau did Samoan drop on both members of La Anexion and Anoi'a pinned Fashion with a Snuka splash. 

Willie Mack was on color commentary and had words with Fatu after the match but they ended up shaking hands.

(4) Davey Richards defeated SB Kento (from Dragon Gate) via submission to retain the MLW Openweight Championship in 10:27.  Richards put together a sequence of move ending with a brainbuster into an ankle lock, forcing Kento to tap out. 

Richards and Kento displayed good sportsmanship after the match.

(5) Alex Kane (with Myron Reed and the Bomaye Fight Club consisting of Suge D, Bobby Flaco, and Nawfside Heroes) defeated D3 in the Peach State Prize Fight Open. Kane hit the Mark of Kane, pinned D3 with one foot and stuffed a peach in his mouth. 

Kane wanted more. Richards rushed to the ring and was beaten down by Reed and Kane. 

(6) Hammerstone defeated Bandido to retain the MLW Heavyweight Championship in 15:48. Excellent match. Crowd was really into because of Bandido. Hammerstone played the heel here and eventually won with a Jackhammer. 

Postmatch, Hammerstone helped Bandido to his feet. Bandido thanked Hammerstone for the amazing match and led the crowd in singing to Hammerstone in spanish. Hammerstone appeared to be touched by this gesture. 

As Hammerstone was being interviewed at ringside, he was attacked by EJ Nduka, which lead to the second pull apart of the night. 

(7) Mads Krugger vs. "Southern Psycho" Mance Warner was a no contest. A A wild brawl. Warner bled buckets. Krugger no sold two chairshots the cranium. Krugger speared Warner through a door. Warner threw Krugger off the apron and through a ringside table. Referee Frank Gastineau was tossed aside by Warner. MLW personnel hit the ring to separate the combatants. Krugger did a suicide dive over the top and headed out the front door of the building. Warner said he was going to get drunk until it was time to go to the airport.

(8) EJ Nduka squashed Blanco Loco in 2:54. Nduka is tall with a body builder physique. He finished  Loco with the Nduka Bomb (a spinning Blue Thunder Bomb). 

Nduka  order the people to stand up for "The Judge". Hammerstone hit the ring. The brawled their way to the stage. Hammerstone ran Nduka off the stage and they both fell through a structure in front of the stage. 

(9) Jacob Fatu defeated Willie Mack in 10:57.  This was evidently switched from a streetfight to a standard match, probably because of Krugger vs. Warner.  Mack did a coast-to-coast dropkick and nailed Fatu right on the button. Fatu won with a pop up Samoan drop followed by a double jump moonsault. 

(10) Taya Valkyrie defeated Lady Flammer to retain the MLW Women's Championship in 8:05.  Good match. Valkyrie won with Road To Valhalla. 

(11) Laredo Kid & Komander & Micro Man defeated Black Taurus & Gino Medina & Mini Abismo Negro in 17:18. Best crowd reaction of the night, largely due to Micro Man. At 3-3, he was the smallest adult human I've ever seen. Micro Man was brought to the ring by Mr. St Laurent singing "Micro Man, Micro Man" to the tune of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Tremendous idea.  Rudo referee Ricardo Ordaz Sr. (father of MLA promoter Ricardo Ordaz Jr.) got huge heat for kicking at Micro Man during the match. Komander's ability to run the top rope like a high wire artist was incredible. He did a spectacular flip dive to the floor after running from corner to corner on the top rope. The finish saw Medina holding Micro Man high over his head. Medina was inadvertently speared by Taurus and Micro Man landed on top of Medina for the 1-2-3. 

Fans threw money in the ring, lots of it, after the match. 

(12) Star Roger pinned Cosmos with a Spanish Fly at 10:20. After four hours with no intermission, the crowd was toast and ready to go home.

NOTES: Conrad Thompson and Gary Juster were sighted in the crowd. 

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