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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-21 10:00:00

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After watching the AE wrestlemania documentary it had me thinking how much the main event relied on Roddy Piper. In my opinion and memories of the storyline, there is no way it would have been as successful as it was if not for Piper's world class ability to be the ultimate heel he was. Do you believe Piper gets the recognition he deserves for Wrestlemania and his entire body of wrestling work?

Anyone that has any credibility at all gives Piper all of the credit he deserves for not only his role in the first Mania, but just being a legend altogether.

I have heard Jim Cornette say that his show is the only one who has been pointing out the flaws in AEW since it started but you and Mike Epsenhart have been doing so as well.  Do you have any idea why he says that?

I do.  I believe Jim is talking about the people who put their shows on YouTube or on free podcasts.  Most of the people that talk AEW there ignore most, if not all, of the company’s warts.  Our show is behind a pay wall.  As far as I know, he and Brian Last are the only real YouTube voices who have called it down the middle since the start.  I know other shows have often come off like cheerleaders for AEW.

What do you think of the report that The Young Bucks sent out feelers to WWE talents to see about interest in coming in there?  I think it's BS since the report also said that their contract expires at the end of 2024.

I don’t know if they did it or not but if they did, I find it hilarious, for a few reasons.  One, they are officers in the company and they are alleged to have done it around the time Tony Khan held a talent meeting and specifically mentioned WWE tampering with AEW talent.  Two, if their contracts don’t expire for over two years, it’s way too early to send out feeling.  Most importantly, they are doing it at a time when the ratings show that people turn off Dynamite when they are on.  If they really did it, it’s dopey on so many levels.

Has AEW put itself in a position to be canceled from TV?  One one hand, if CM Punk is fired, they lose the only wrestler that brings ratings.  If he stays, AEW has EVPs who storm a locker room and threaten employees who they have power over. That is a terrible look, even if they are suspended. Tony Khan has no leadership ability.  Will the TV company think they are worth the trouble?  Like CM Punk said, the TV company might see this as working with a bunch of children..

First, other wrestlers draw ratings too.  They just don’t lose them like The Bucks and Kenny Omega do. With that said, as long as AEW keeps drawing a good number on Wednesdays, they won’t get canceled unless some unforeseen circumstance happens.

I've watched the Punk media scrum more times than I care to admit but there's one thing that I noticed when watching it from a different angle. When Punk is going off about the EVPs, Tony is sitting there nodding like he totally agrees with Punk. If I was Kenny and the Bucks I'd be just as pissed at Tony for basically nodding like a bobble head and not trying to cut Punk off or even backing up his EVPs.

I bet they probably were.  If I were Tony I wouldn’t care that they were.  If I were Tony, I wouldn’t care if they quit.  There are plenty of other people I can put on TV that could lose hundreds of thousands of viewers but not cause any drama in the locker room.

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