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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-20 10:00:00

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I know that wrestlers having control/influence over their own booking will inevitably lead to questioning managerial decisions; however, I think, in this most case, AEW is missing something more in the locker room. I think that what they are missing, what they need, is their own version of the Undertaker as a locker room leader. It needs to be someone other than the EVPs (Bucks, Omega, and Hangman)... They need an "old school" veteran, separate from any managerial role, to step into that position. It seems like Mox and Danielson keep their distance, we know Punk does, and Jericho is usually off with Fozzy when not in the ring... I would think Sting is capable of such a sheriff role, but he hasn't been around much lately. So, who is left? Maybe Regal?

I would love to see AEW have a real locker room leader but the way it’s set up now, with three guys involved in the recent issues as officers of the company, I don’t see it happening.  Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks SHOULD be the leaders, due to their positions, and they haven’t shown me any of that so it would be really hard for someone to step up with those three in their way.

Could Ace Steel’s wife have a case to sue Tony Khan for what happened between Punk and Bucks? With her being on crutches and basically just being an innocent bystander caught up in this mess would she a case for emotional distress or anything else?

I guess she could sue.  It would all depend on if there were real damages.  Emotional distress has to be defined and proven.

The narrative I'm seeing online about all the bad stuff going on in AEW right now, at least among AEW fans, seems to be that everything is CM Punk's fault, and that AEW was a true wrestling utopia before he came in.  On the other hand, from everything I know about the situation the Elite, or at least people associated with them, are the ones who started it, continually fanned the flames, and, while maybe not throwing the first punch, are the ones who initiated the fight.  While Punk isn't blameless in all of this, as, for one, he never should have done what he did at the media scrum, everything from him seems to be reactionary.  Why do you think so many fans have been willing to turn on Punk so quickly?

In my opinion, those fans are pretty selfish.  They want what they want, even if the things they love lose hundreds of thousands of viewers on Dynamite.  They don’t think about AEW’s long term business, which will need to bring in non-hardcore fans if it wants to continue to grow.  The “hardcore fan” base is what it is.  They need to bring in people that like WWE too.  The hardcore fans resent that so their heroes, Omega and The Bucks, are the “good guys”.  That’s why I don’t waste my team reading what shortsighted people think.

Is Tony Khan's blatant incompetence in running his company good for PWInsider's business?

This is a bit of loaded question.  In the short term?  Oh yeah it is.  All of our drivers are up since Tony started letting his company implode but to be fair it has coincided with Vince McMahon's ouster from WWE so it's hard to say how much can be credited to Tony.  In any event, it’s very concerning for me in the long term because if Tony doesn't do a 180, like yesterday, we could be watching AEW circle the bowl and that would be bad for the site long term.  But, with HHH in charge of WWE and interest renewed there, if AEW were to go under, the new WWE regime would soften the blow to the site of losing AEW because of the interest in their product.

Not too belabor a topic but Tony Kahn called CM Punk  “a sweetheart” after The Tirade…Obviously this doesn’t make him look good and it might be true but could happen from that comment if lawyers get involved?

If Tony takes action against Punk for the tirade, it could I guess but I don’t think he would have ever done that.  If he takes serious action, it will be for the confrontation in the locker room.

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