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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-19 09:59:00

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Do you see Rampage becoming ROH exclusively? Or would it be a matter of TNT agreeing to carry AEW and and not ROH?

I don’t see that happening.  WBD paid for the AEW talent.  That is what they want.  If there was a national demand for ROH, Sinclair would have taken it.

Given The Hollywood Reporter story about WBD potentially selling to NBCU in 2024, should Tony Khan be concerned?

If he isn’t concerned I would be shocked.  Here is the bottom line, if WBD’s assets are sold to NBCU, the odds are at least fairly good that they wouldn’t want AEW on their grid.  If that is the case, there are fewer options to sell the show to.  That is why I have been saying for literally years now that Khan should try and make the show more appealing to fans who aren’t super hardcore, you know, the fans that tuned out for the Trios tournament.  The higher he can get the rating for the show, the better chance he can find a home for it if he loses his current partner.

What would you do if you were Tony Khan and you couldn't get a new TV deal?

Man, that’s tough.  I guess he could try and start his own streaming channel but I am not confident that he could generate enough profit from that to keep the company going.  If he got one million people to pay 10 dollars a month, that would generate $120 million a year and he would be fine.  But as we saw with WWE, getting a million people to pay isn’t easy.

I couldn't resist the price was just too good to be true, $1.99 a month for a year of Peacock, actually I paid for the year in advance and it was just under $20.00.  Of course the main reason I got it was for the WWE Network but I'm unable to find the 24/7 stream, is that on a hidden menu?

They don’t have the linear stream like the old network did.

What was the point of the Young Bucks laying out the Briscoes at the end of FTR/Briscoes match at Supercard of Honor?

It made the EVPs feel good about themselves since it clearly didn’t lead to anything.  From a wrestling perspective, I can’t think of any point.

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