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By James Kurokawa on 2022-09-29 23:02:00

Welcome to the New Japan on AXS TV report!

Tonight's broadcast is the finals of the G1 Climax!

 A Block WInner:  Kazuchika Okada vs. D Block Winner:  Will Ospreay

Ospreay's neck was still taped up.  United Empire are at ringside.

The announcers were selling that Ospreay stayed up the night before with the United Empire studying all of Okada's losses to Hiroshi Tanahashi, AJ Styles and others.

Both men were evenly matched until they went to the floor.  Okada hit two DDT's on Ospreay on the floor, further damaging his neck from the prior two nights.  Okada keeps attacking the neck.  Ospreay comes back with a suplex and a flipping kick.  Ospreay drop kicks Okada off the top rope.  Ospreay hits a Skytwister Press from the top rope to the floor.  Ospreay hits an Oscutter on the floor. Okada fights back and they exchange chops and elbows. They roll to the apron.  Okada tries a Landslide on the apron.  Ospreay reverses out and stuns Okada with a hook kick.   Ospreay hits an Oscutter off the turnbuckle on the ring apron.  Okada is almost counted out.  Ospreay with a Coast to Coast drop kick.  He follows with a top rope forearm.  Ospreay hits another Oscutter.  Okada kicks out at two!!  Wow!  

Ospreay hits a stiff super kick.  Okada counters with two lariats.  Okada with a dropkick.  Ospreay avoids another dropkick and calls for an Oscutter.  Ospreay flies off the ropes and Okada hits him midair in the face with a dropkick.  (New Japan cameras caught this perfectly!)   Okada hits a tombstone.  He goes for a Rainmaker but Ospreay elbows him in the head and stuns him with a hook kick.  Ospreay hits the Chelsea Grin.  Ospreay goes for a Hidden Blade but Okada hits a dropkick.  Okada goes for a tombstone but Ospreay reverses into his own tombstone.   Two count.  Ospreay connects with the Hidden Blade.  Okada kicks out at two.  Ospreay hits a High Fly Flow.   Two count.  Ospreay with a Styles Clash.  Two count.  Ospreay points to Okada like Kenny Omega.  You hear the gasp from the crowd.

Ospreay hits a V-Trigger.  Ospreay picks up Okada for a One-Winged Angel.  Okada slides off and hits a Landslide. Okada hits a Rainmaker.  Ospreay kicks out!!  Big reaction from the crowd.  Announcers are going nuts that Ospreay kicked out of the Rainmaker.  They hang on to each other from exhaustion.  Okada with a German suplex.  Ospreay with Spanish Fly.  They exchange elbows.   Ospreay kicks Okada in the back of the head.  Okada blocks a Storm Breaker and reverses into a neck breaker.  They exchange strikes.  Ospreay with a pop up forearm.  Ospreay goes for another Hidden Blade.  Okada picks him up in a Landslide and hits a big Rainmaker.

Okada pins Ospreay.

Kazuchika Ospreay wins the G1 Climax 32!   This is his 4th G1 Climax win and second in a row.

He will advance to Wrestle Kingdom to face the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

Both men are almost out cold in the ring.  Young lions and officials run into the ring to help both men.  They carefully roll Ospreay out of the ring.

They have a ceremony in the ring for Okada.   He is presented the massive G1 Climax Trophy, gifts and flowers.  

Okada takes the mic and thanks the fans.  He praises Ospreay work in the ring.  

Okada says to the fans to stick with him and New Japan and he will continue to make it rain.

No angles or run-ins during Okada's final moment.   Which was cool.

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