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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-14 09:59:00

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Everything Vince touched was not gold or even gold plated but could you ever see him doing a mediaScrum? Tony seems to get an ego boost from his (normally) but with AEW's seemingly limitless Tv/YouTube time he gets additional storyline fodder and adds even add more soundbites with his, to me it does but do you think is it too much?

Vince never did them so I think that answers your question.  After this past scrum, Tony should probably reconsider doing them as well, especially after a FIVE HOUR PPV.  When the only really interesting stuff that comes out of them is shoots and fights, it’s probably time to stop the process.

Now that Hunter is in charge, do you think that WWE will finally create a physical Hall of Fame and add a bit of legitimacy to the whole operation?

Honestly, no I don’t.  I don’t see it getting a lot of visitors and being worth the expense.  The worst thing that they could do is open it, then have to close it.  Maybe if they could get a place to host it, it could happen.  But a standalone?  Probably not.

I enjoyed the Sunday's Wrestlemania 1 documentary on A&E. I also have seen a few WWE specials on Wrestlemania 3 over the years. Do you know why Wrestlemania 2, specifically, is so forgotten to wrestling lore? I understand it's one of the only times the 3 city concept was used and is considered somewhat of a failure, but I think it's inclusion in history builds to the story of Wrestlemania 3 and era of WWE strength that followed. It's like any trilogy, not all parts are great, but they all are still important connecting stories. Are there any documentaries, books or great articles you can recommend that gives Wrestlemania 2 some attention?

Of the first three, it was the clunker.  I totally get why they focus on the positive rather than the negative.  It was there and I am sure if you google it you can find out more about it, but I get why no one wants to spend time and resources on something that was an eh event.

During the AEW media scrum, CM Punk singled out a reporter and questioned his relationship w Colt Cabana, and the reporter seemed to make it clear they were no longer friends. Is Colt Cabana difficult to work/get along with?

I think the reporter was more trying to deflect the anger from Punk that he could feel was coming.  I haven’t heard Colt is hard to work with.  He’s always pretty much been a mid-card guy and talents like that don’t get to difficult if they want to keep getting booked.

So my question on the CM Punk media scrum is this: Why did Tony Khan allow Punk to go on such an unprofessional tirade?  Surely, as "the boss" he could have shut that down, or at least asked Punk to refrain from talking crap about his executives and fellow employees.  Instead he just sat there looking like a dope who was worshipping his favorite wrestler.

I have no answer other than it shows what a poor leader Tony is.  First, he let the tirade go on and on.  Then, when he found out about the fight, instead of handling it he stayed there and ranted to reporters.  I can’t explain his behavior.

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