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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-13 09:59:00

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At the scrum, Tony Khan said that All Out’s buys were down because WWE counter-programmed again him.  Thoughts?

Do I think that it had an effect?  Sure, there are people who watched one or both WWE shows and probably said, “I’m good” and saved the $50.  But I think the bigger reason is that the booking was awful leading up to the show.  AEW has a hardcore fan base where PPV buys are concerned.  Most of them are AEW first and foremost so WWE has little effect on them.  All Out was booked terribly.  The one match that I think could have gotten people to pay was Punk-Mox and Tony ruined the intrigue of that with the ridiculous four minute Mox win in Cleveland.  Before that, I was very interested in that match.  After that, I couldn’t have cared less.  I am sure I am not alone because people who usually purchase AEW events have told me they didn’t buy the show for that reason.  Other than that, it was just 14 matches for the sake of matches.  Tony can make all of the excuses that he wants to but he is the real reason the show performed as it did.

Also, he said that isn’t going to take what WWE did lying down and he has a lot of money to fight back.  What does that even mean?

First, Chris Jericho had just told him that three EVPs had just gotten into a physical altercation with his top star and what did Tony do?  He sat there and whined about WWE.  That, in a nutshell, shows that he has no good leadership skills.  If someone had told HHH something similar after Clash At The Castle he would have excused himself and headed to the back to deal with the issue, asap.  Tony sat there and said WWE’s actions aren’t a joke and he takes it seriously.  He has a ton of money to throw at the problem.  Uh, the problem you should have been focused on was backstage at YOUR show.  As for the money, what can he do other than buy up all the tickets at the show and have WWE play to an empty house?  Nothing.  They are the industry leader and will continue to do what they do and other than overpay talent to get them to jump to AEW, he can’t do much of anything.  Instead he should be focusing on what he can do and that’s improve his booking and get his house in order.  And one more thing he should do is stop bragging about how much more he (well his family) has.  People root for the underdog, not the arrogant rich people.

Logan Paul has been amazing in his two matches with WWE. Has there been any interest in Jake?

I am sure if Jake had interest in WWE, it would be returned, for sure.

For Wrestlemania week, excluding flights what would be a reasonable budget for someone planning on attending one, in US Dollars?

That depends on what you like.  Me?  I wouldn’t stay at cheap hotel so I would figure 100 a night for that.  I would figure at least 100 a day for food and libations.  Probably another 100 a day for sightseeing, merchandise, etc.  That would be 2,100 so I would round up to $2,500 for the week.  That doesn’t count transportation and tickets.

After so many celebrity involvements recently, is there a celebrity you see that isn't involved with, but you think would be a good or perfect fit in the crazy world of Professional Wrestling?

There are a lot of them, a lot!

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