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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-12 10:00:00

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After Tony Khan vacated the title, he created a tournament to crown a new champion. However, two of the wrestlers (Bryan Danielson and Adam Page) lost their matches at All Out. What do you think? Maybe, it's more logical to include Wardlow and Powerhouse Hobbs, since they won their matches.

That's a valid question.  I doubt he wanted to put Wardlow in a position to lose since he is TNT Champion but Hobbs, Miro and other new blood would have been good choices.  Tony Khan has not had a good week, not by a long shot.

Doesn't this entire situation with CM Punk prove that WWE and Vince McMahon were correct in firing him although doing it on his wedding day was wrong. What is his deal? He goes to a brand new promotion and more of the same from what happened in WWE. Let me get this straight, at the press conference a reporter is simply trying to do his job and Punk suddenly gets triggered or whatever and brings up the name of someone he claims doesn't want to talk about ever again, but he can't stop talking about him and goes on a massive rant about it. What was the entire purpose of all this?

Punk was wrong to do what he did at the press conference, no doubt.  But you really should look into why he did what he did before making a really bad hot take.  We have covered in-depth on the site what led Punk to doing what he did.  I don't condone it, but I understand it and frankly where blame is asserted I give more to Tony Khan and The Young Bucks for the situation than I do to Punk. Tony did nothing while bad situations festered backstage and the Bucks, who are EVPs, chose to enter the dressing room where they were not welcome or invited.  That's the kind of behavior that led to Punk going off in the first place.  Tony Khan and his EVPs have failed as leaders (at least since Cody left, he did all he could to lead).  That doesn’t excuse what Punk did but to act like it’s all on him is simply wrong and unfair.

Has AEW become WCW?  Warring factions backstage.  Lack of leadership.  Fans who refuse to see problems that are right in from of their faces due to blind loyalty?

I can’t say that it has become WCW yet but I will say I am concerned that it could become WCW if Tony Khan doesn’t learn how to lead.  As he said in his scrum, he’s a nice, friendly guy.  He needs to be the boss and lead.

If the injury rumor about CM Punk is true, we likely won’t see him for months regardless if TK suspends or fires him.  If he’s not fired, and intention is to bring him back somewhere down the road how would you do it?  Same question regarding The Elite.  What do you think about them working it out and all coming back as some sort of faction?

First, the arm injury is true and might make Khan's life so much easier.  If Punk is going to be out six months or more, he can't really fire him or I am sure Punk would sue.  In any event, I think the right play for Khan would be to pay out the contract, even if he doesn't use Punk.  Then, he can't be sued for more than the contract will cost him.  Plus, if he doesn't fire Punk, he doesn't have to fire The Bucks either, though they absolutely have to be stripped of the EVP Titles.  I don't know if Punk even wants to go back.  He had to know that dropping the pipe bomb could get him fired or suspended and he did it anyway.  I don't like him joining the Elite guys because they don't view wrestling the same way that he does and I think it would just lead to more problems.

Whatever has happened to the missing wrestlers: Bobby Rood, Zelina Vega, Boogs, and of course Ezekiel etc. Are they out with injuries, or just the standard “creative has nothing for them”?

Boogs is rehabbing his injured leg.  I think the others will be back, after Vince’s bad creative is put behind them.

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