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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-05 18:39:00

For the MANY of you who have written us asking about what happened backstage at the AEW All Out PPV, I haven't been ignoring you but was out all day.  Based on what we have heard from those in the company today, here is what we can ascertaine:

*After Punk finished venting his heart out at the AEW All Out Media Scrum, he returned to his locker room, where there was an altercation.

*Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks went to Punk's locker room and confronted him about his comments during the scrum.

*There was a physical altercation with Punk and Matt and Nick Jackson

*No one sharing stories is quite sure who threw the first punch.

*Kenny Omega was there but did not get into a physical altercation with Punk.  

*Ace Steel arrived and did get involved as his wife was in the vicinity of the incident, possibly even inside Punk's locker room as she was watching over Punk's dog Larry.  Steel was said to have gotten physically involved.

*A number of AEW staff and security hit the scene to break up the fracas and separate the Punk side from the Elite side.

*Once the sides were separated, they continued to argue for some time before The Bucks and Omega exited the area of Punk's locker room.  There was a lot of yelling from each side.

*Tony Khan was not present at the incident at any point as he was still on stage for the media scrum.

*At least one of the Bucks late last night was said to be sporting a black eye.

*We have heard from a number of people in the company backing one side and blaming the other.  Some were backing Omega and The Bucks, given Punk's comments, feeling Punk's verbal statements led to the incident and he was the guilty party.  Others were backing Punk and questioning why EVPs stormed into his locker room, placing Punk in a situation where he would be outnumbered and that their decision to go there was partly responsible.

*Others are questioning how things will go down at TV this Wednesday given the situation involved the company's new champion, three EVPS and a Producer, all of whom are in positions of being leaders behind the scenes.

*The Bucks and Omega left Chicago earlier today.

*AEW is being very tight-lipped about the situation but the belief among those we've spoken with is the company is likely trying to determine where blame should be placed and what their course of action is going forward.

*It should be noted that over the course of the day, some of the stories around the incident have gotten more and more fantastical (as they were passed and on) and involved other names.  In regard to FTR (who are close with Punk) and Hangman Page (close with the Elite, obviously), they were not present as they had all exited the NOW Arena after the PPV had concluded as they were not needed for the Media Scrum.  They were not involved.

*There were some who had sympathy for MJF, feeling the situation overshadowed his return angle that closed the PPV and that the entire scenario has now deflected the attention from the PPV itself.

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