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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-09 10:00:00


I've seen a story online that everyone wants CM Punk gone now.  Is this true?  Didn't he just get praised for bringing the company more money than anyone else since he arrived a few months ago?

I can't speak for everyone because I haven't spoken to everyone, but there are some in the locker room who were upset at the media scrum side of the CM Punk stuff this past weekend, feeling he put himself above the company and buried it and everyone else and deflected the attention away from what they accomplished at the PPV.  Then, the fight.  So, I can't say everyone wants him gone but there were absolutely some we heard from who weren't happy with him.  I think it's silly to speak in absolutes on this, especially in a situation where wrestlers are going to knock someone they think might be out of favor politically to make sure they are in good with those they think are in power going forward.  I am sure there are some who would be just as quick to knock the other side privately if they think it's in their own personal best interest.

Could all this end up with yet another CM Punk lawsuit?

I think it's really fair to say that's a possibility from all sides.  I think that's a major reason AEW has a legal firm unrelated to them handling an investigation right now.  It could get really litigious really fast.

I saw some people online crapping on reporters at the WWE Worlds Collide press conference being part of the work of the show.  What do you think about it?  Were you invited to the conference?

If you are asking me about the opinions of others, they are entitled to feel however they want.  I'm not going to tell someone how to feel.  As far as the reporters, I'll use the person who asked Roman Reigns a question as an example: they asked a question that I thought was a legitimately fine question and then he went into work mode and walked off.  That isn't their fault. 

I think a bigger issue is someone asking them "storyline" questions, but when you see that some of the people assembled are wearing WWE shirts and hats, you know they aren't going to ask intricate questions about putting together matches.  But, no matter what you decide to ask, you can't prevent that person from pivoting into "work" mode and we've seen examples of that from every company over the years.  I don't blame the reporters when that happens.   

No, I wasn't invited to the conference and I wouldn't have flown to Wales had I been invited as I've curtailed my travel due to COVID.  That's why I wasn't in Chicago either and don't plan to be at any major events beyond the Northeast in the near future, unfortunately.  I have personal responsibilities that have to take precedence. 

Mike, Dave said you visited Abdullah the Butcher's restaurant. What was it like? If it was still around, would you revisit?

I was there two or three times between 1998 and when it closed a few years ago and we had a photo gallery tour of it years ago on the site.  It was a fun little place, especially when Abby was there as he was very willing to chat and talk about his time in the business.  The food was pretty good as I remember.  It was a nice extra to visit when in town covering something in the Atlanta area and I was sad to hear it closed.  I guess the most shocking thing was the forks were plastic!

Why doesn't CM Punk use the Pepsi Plunge anymore?

My guess is he values his knees.

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