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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-06 10:00:00

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Gee, Roman wins again…with outside help. Is anyone as sick of this as I am? How can WWE profess pride in a champion who can’t win a match on his own? I just don’t get it.

You know heels cheat, right?  Many people think Ric Flair is the greatest of all time.  He won a lot of matches with him.

As I'm watching Clash at the Castle, I've noticed a few times the announcers are mentioning the referees name. I have noticed it more since Vince retired. Is this a new thing?

It's definitely part of the new way that the shows are presented.  I like it.

While I do  like the current WWE championship design (I know it's rare) do you think it's time for a new design to signify it's a new era under Triple H?

Personally, no I don't.  That kind of thing means nothing to me.

So FTR are on a hot streak.  Bucks are champs, but then lose the belts so they can compete in the 6-man thing.  The reason given for no FTR/Bucks is that the 6-man is bigger, but the end is going to be Bucks and Omega vs the Dark Order or Best Friends?  Who possibly thinks the Dark Order or Best Friends could outdraw FTR?  Bucks/Omega vs either of those teams seems  like a Rampage main event, not something to give up an FTR program for.  How does AEW think the Bucks/Omega booking is good?  Didn't 200,000 people turn off the TV when Omega came back?  I don't see how Tony Khan thinks those 3 guys could carry a company.  It's been 3 years and the only times the audience grows involves MJF or Punk.

The Bucks and Kenny have a lot of say in what they do and Tony Khan thinks that everything that hardest of hardcore fans love is what he should.  As his ratings have shown for the last three weeks, that isn’t true.  People have tuned in for the segments that were about wrestling (Punk-Mox) and tuned out for the hardcore darling stuff (Kenny-The Bucks-Trios).  Tony Khan is supposedly an analytics guy so it’s time for him to start listening to the numbers.  He doesn’t need Kenny and The Bucks the way he used to, or at least think that he used to.  When over 200,000 people tune out to Kenny’s return, with the Bucks, that tells anyone with a brain that they aren’t the attraction you thought they were.  Stars GAIN viewers, or at least keep them.

Since HHH took over when VKM left, and WWE is finally becoming interesting again, mostly by HHH doing everything VKM would not do, and changing many things VKM did, what do you think is the relationship between HHH & VKM?

The on thing I know is that it’s Father-In-Law Son-In-Law.  I will take HHH at his word about the rest, as he told Ariel Helwani last week.  Vince is not there due to his own actions so I would think he would be a man and accept that.

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