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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-02 10:00:00

I was watching an MSG show from December 1991 on Peacock, which featured a match between Flair & Hogan. Vince was on commentary and mentioned that Jack Tunney vowed to censor Flair's "real world's championship" on camera. However, when Flair removed his robe you could clearly see at one point that he was holding a WWF tag team title belt. Why wouldn't he have been wearing the NWA belt as he had previously done on their TV?

The NWA sued WWF over the usage of the actual physical belt. The court sided with them and ruled that the belt was to be returned to them. Since Flair no longer had possession of the belt, WWF used another title belt and "censored" it to keep the "Real World championship" story going.

I've always been curious as for what kind of travel expenses that WWE wrestlers have to pay while on the road. Does the WWE help with any of the travel cost? I?m talking about like flight tickets, rental vehicles, hotels, etc. I know top stars get things like first class travel provided from the company. But what about the undercard and midcard guys and girls? Do they get some sort of compensation? With all the travel that they do on a weekly basis, I would imagine the cost is very high. For some of the undercard wrestlers, the amount that they would pay in travel costs probably would take out a large part of their yearly salary.

WWE pays for flight costs and in the case of developmental talents, pays all the road expenses when they are sent on the road. Many of the top talents today also get coach buses that they can stay and travel on.  Everything else the talent pays for and writes off as personal expenses on their taxes, so if they keep proper records, they get a lot of their expenses back when they file their taxes. The exception to that are some of the international tours, where WWE has the local promoters who buy the tours handle the expenses of the road for talents.

Where is Rob Van Dam?

Enjoying life and choosing to wrestle only when someone is willing to pay his fee.

Any chance Paige is doing any signings anytime soon?

She is signing in NYC this November for The Big Event.

What's the first wrestling book to suggest to a non-fan?

Mick Foley's first autobiography.

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