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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-31 10:00:00

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I have always thought that Grayson Waller and Austin  Theory should be put together as a team. They both have the same attitudes, and both suck at wrestling! And people naturally hate them. What do you think?

No way I do that.  Theory is on the cusp of being a top singles guy.  Waller has a lot of potential.  Singles talents are more important to the bottom line than tag teams.  And if you really think Theory sucks, you haven't watched him wrestle.  The guy is super talented.

Now that Vince McMahon is not hands on with the product anymore, do you think he watches the product now just to see what Paul LeVesque is doing with it?

Good question and I don't know the answer.  I would think he would be, I mean I know I would.  But I don't know for sure.

So, AEW seemingly builds to a potentially intriguing angle with MJF, who promptly vanishes from the face of the Earth, thus killing whatever the hell that was. But intertwined with that, they build Wardlow to become a sympathetic Babyface who ascends to the TNT championship....and has barely defended the title and is being set up for a random trios feud with Jay Lethal and crew. He also keeps Hook off of TV for random stretches of time keeping him from truly having any memorable matches. Is Tony Khan really so convinced either of these scenarios will help him build these stars as the future of his company, or will he keep falling into this trap of depending on blood and guts (literally) in the hopes of using lather, rinse, repeat presentation?

Everything you said is totally on the money.  The problem is that Tony doesn’t listen to people like you, he listens to people who tell him he’s “booker of the year”.  Me personally, I have always appreciated compliments but I get a lot out of complaints.  Some things I won’t or can’t change, but other I do.  I wish Tony was more open to listening to people like you.  His product would be a lot better if he did.

Also, while I was typing this, I'm pretty sure 4 new titles were created in AEW.

The Titles are totally out of control in AEW.  Tony Khan never heard the phrase “less is more”.  That’s for sure.  For instance, does anyone care about Pac’s Title?

Jericho. Punk. Claudio. Chris Hero (apparently). Each one of these guys that Eddie Kingston have publicly expressed dislike for. I know you can't be friends everyone in life but, by the other token, assuming it's not all an elaborate work ... is King the problem here?

He has a gruff personality, for sure.  Is it a problem though?  I don’t know about that.  People are who they are.  It’s only a problem if it costs him money in my opinion.

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