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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-30 10:00:00

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Is it me or are wrestling fans now looking at WWE through rose colored glasses thinking that Triple H is going to change the entire WWE into something that resembles his black & gold version of NXT?

I haven’t spoken to anyone who believes that so I think it’s just you, or you are keeping some bad company.  HHH has said in the past that the main roster is different and could never be like the old NXT was.

I don't and can't bring myself to watch any of their programming for more than a few minutes, from what i've read there have been very little in the form of changes.

Then you shouldn’t watch, problem solved.  But, you should start reading more credible sources because their have indeed been changes, and they are good ones.  As someone that dreaded watching Raw and Smackdown, I now enjoy it.  The best part is, everything that has been done has happened on the fly.  It wasn’t like they knew Vince was leaving and they had a year to prepare for this.  I can’t wait to see where the product is in three months.

It seems like it's been forever since anyone in WWE has been suspended for wellness policy violations. Has WWE eased up on testing or have the "Superstars" just been much more compliant?

They still test so it's the latter.

Reports are starting to go around that the AEW All Out PPV main event will indeed be a Mox/Punk rematch for the title. But we just got that for free, where Punk busted his foot (storyline I assume) and Mox wiped him out in three minutes. I'd assume that they did the short match because Punk came back, doctors realized his foot wasn't as good as they thought (or Punk did some rope runs during the day, it wasn't working, they'd promoted the match and had to get out of it), and they did this match to pay off the hype, get the belt off Punk, and he can come back around when he's really 100%. Instead it looks like some storyline, when the story was easy...Mox is the interim champ, Punk is back, lets unify the titles, and here's another two weeks of promos to build to that fact. So why would I pay for that match less than two weeks later when I just watched Punk get demolished like he's a JTTS?

I can see why you wouldn’t.  I have said the exact same thing about how this SHOULD have been promoted, with the match culminating at All Out and been a draw for an otherwise uninspired (from a booking standpoint) show.  Instead, Tony Khan booked it to be what it was.  I have no idea what he has planned for tomorrow to try and get people interested again, if they even tune in.  Over 200,000 of them left last week after the debacle that was that segment.  Will they even watch tomorrow?  I don’t know.  Will they want to spend $50 to see the rematch?  I think a lot of them will think like you.

Do you think HHH purposely booked Worlds Collide on the same day as All Out?  And if so, what do you think of the move?

I definitely think he did.  We hadn’t word one about the show and suddenly, there it was.  I think it’s a brilliant move.  Tony Khan has taken a lot of victory laps along the way at WWE’s expense to turnabout is fair play to me.  He tried to hurt HHH, and did, so it’s time for H to fire back.

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