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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-26 14:10:00

WWE issued a survey today to fans on their mailing list, seeking feedback on potential future WWE Performance Centers, including potential new markets and an additional aspect that would be open to fans touring the facility.

Based on what we have heard from readers, WWE is looking into fan interest as to whether they would want to travel to visit this different concept for the WWE PC with the idea that beyond training talents, it would serve as a roadside attraction for fans visiting the area, perhaps being located within a mall or similar cultural hub (Think the Vegas Strip or International Drive in Orlando)

The markets listed were Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, and Tampa.

WWE's survey sought feedback on the public attraction aspect for future WWE Performance Center locations that would feature an "interactive, immersive tour to engage deeply with the WWE brand and history."

The attraction would feature:

"...unique behind-the-scenes access to the state-of-the-art WWE training center, with live views into training rings, weight rooms, video rooms, nutrition centers, lounge spaces, and other unique training elements. Visitors will be able to watch active WWE athletes training, including rehearsing and practicing in the ring as well as working out and recovering.

In addition to this unique peek into WWE superstar training, the attraction would also include a one-of-a-kind tour highlighting WWE history, memorabilia, superstars, and famous matches. The tour could be comprised of a variety of elements, including a museum/hall-of-fame style attraction that includes unique immersive and interactive elements as well as fun physical activities, virtual experiences, and personal connections with WWE legends and personnel."

Thanks to everyone who sent that along today.

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