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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-26 10:00:00

With Road Dogg coming back to WWE, I was wondering who should be the next person hired?

I can EASILY tell you the next person who should not only be hired, but should be hired with an apology and retroactive back pay, and that's Cathy Corino aka Allison Danger.  She relocated from Nevada to Florida to start a job as an NXT Coach and was cut due to "budget cuts" almost as soon as she started.  It was cruel and unfair to Corino and her family, especially since everyone in the business knows how great she was in the role.  Paul Levesque should be personally calling her with an offer in my opinion.

I think Conrad Thompson should promote Terry Funk's Last Match when the Royal Rumble is in Texas.  How about you?

NO.  I don't know why so many people are asking about Funk to return to the ring.  If he's not well enough to travel and do signings and appearances, why in the world would anyone think he should be taking bumps.  There is no one in the world who be as delighted as I would be to travel and see Funk wrestle one last time, but it's not going to happen ever again.  Sadly, that era has passed us by.

Was I drunk or did I see Goldberg on an episode of Law & Order SVU?

I can't speak for your sobriety at the time, but Goldberg did appear in one episode back in 2007, so my guess is you caught it on one of the endless channels that loop the episodes on repeat.

Why didn't Impact Wrestling mention the Machine Guns going to AEW?

My guess is that the episode last night was finalized and put to bed before the deal came together.

Why are the Guns teaming with heels, anyway, in AEW?

They, uh, have a united background from their time in TNA?  I don't know and I hope AEW explains it.

What's the farthest you have driven or flown for pro wrestling?

The farthest driving would have been to North Carolina (South) or Toronto (North).  The longest flight I've ever been on to go cover professional wrestling was to San Jose for a Wrestlemania.  I remember it distinctly because it had the worst turbulence on any flight I've been on and another friend was flying to San Jose on another flight that was having equally awful turbulence and we were messaging each other back and forth via email that it was so bad.  It was the one and only time I stepped off a flight and just took a seat and sat down to calm my nerves before leaving an airport, when normally I am out asap.

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