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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-25 10:00:00


I know Dave is always ripping on AEW, so I am sending this to you as I don't believe AEW would listen to him, but can you please ask Tony Khan to SLOW THE SHOW DOWN.  This past week, we had so much thrown at us from Moxley vs. Punk and beyond that I couldn't have a chance to ENJOY IT, much less digest it.  It was like watching pro wrestling I like on 3x speed, fast forwarding through the show.  Can someone please tell Tony Khan to please give us a chance to catch our breath???

I think you just told Tony yourself.  I do agree there are moments where a post-match interview or a segment where AEW would get to let a big angle or win or great match sink in is sometimes sorely needed.  My guess is that Khan, who has the minute by minute ratings, is trying to keep everyone from changing the channel.  The breakneck speed of the show can be a lot of fun from a live perspective in the building but on TV, I think sometimes it helps to hold on moments that matter to let them resonate with the audience, so I totally see where you are coming from here.

Why did Tay Conti's name change?

Conti had been using her former husband's last name but since she is now married Sammy Guevara, she is reverting to part of her full legal name, Taynara Melo de Carvalho.

I was wondering how you rate the following WWE personalities?  Kayla Braxton, Sam Roberts, Peter Rosenberg, Matt Camp?  Do you think they add anything to WWE TV?

I actually like all four of them quite a lot.  I know some people give Rosenberg grief but he's passionate about the business and that comes across when he talks about it.  I think some fans trash him because he doesn't come from the same "smart" perspective that they do, but everyone has a different reason they love pro wrestling and to me, having passion about it and caring about it is as important as knowing how many world titles Lou Thesz held and where every Steamboat-Flair bout in 1989 happened.  Matt Camp has done a great job hosting on the Bump and in the WWE Best of releases on the Network, he comes across well and knowledgeable.  I think Braxton would be a huge asset to any company that put her on TV.  She's always come across strong in my opinion.  Sam Roberts I have known for so many years as a radio personality in the NYC area, so I feel very happy for him whenever he pops up on WWE TV as I see him as one of the locals here who gets to be involved in something he truly loves - pro wrestling.  I think he's very good when he's pitching stuff to the masses.  I think if WWE ever really let him say what he thought when he didn't like something - as we've heard him many times on radio do - it would be some really heatseeking stuff, but that's not his role.  I think all four of them fill their role nicely in WWE.

Does Vince McMahon's exit mean any announcing changes?

Well, they haven't changed anyone yet.  There's always a chance, but I think most of the announcers have settled into a new, more relaxed role as the voices of the company.  They are obviously having more fun and that goes a long way towards the audience having fun.  I don't think there need to be any changes at this point.

When Chris Bey joined Bullet Club in Impact, did the promotion need permission from NJPW to book the angle?

They worked in conjunction with NJPW, with Rocky Romero as the most likely conduit.

When does WWE go back to Madison Square Garden?


What happened to Impact Wrestling in Philadelphia in September?

There were logistical issues with the number of dates they could get for the venue as they need at least four for set up, pre-tapes, filming matches and breakdown.  They weren't able to get them in Philly so they moved the tapings to Nashville.

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