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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-24 10:00:00

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Do you think that the Universal title will ever be split back to two titles, one for each show?

I think at some point it will be.

I listened to Kenny Omega’s after Dynamite promo where he was talking about how the fans are like a cat that pisses on his couch.  And that was one of the more coherent things that he said.  What the hell was he talking about?

I listened to it twice and all I got out of it was that Kenny and The Young Bucks don’t seem to like what is going on right now with at least some people in AEW.  They aren’t alone either because if you follow Dax Harwood’s twitter, it’s pretty clear that if Kenny and The Bucks say up, he and the old school wrestlers will say down.  I blame Tony Khan for letting things get so out of control.  He let Adam Page shoot on CM Punk, which led to the receipt Punk gave him last week on Dymanite.  It’s become pretty clear that Khan is letting the inmates run the asylum and that is not a good thing for the company, in a few ways.  One, it could lead to it going down the tubes from a vibe standpoint as when it started, everyone I talked to said how great it was to be there.  Now?  I don’t hear that at all anymore.  More importantly, if he keeps letting people act out like this, the old school wrestlers are going to be even more inclined to and work for HHH now that Vince has been put out to pasture.  It’s time for Tony Khan to rein this stuff in for it’s too late for him.

CM Punk called out Hangman Page and he didn’t come out.  To me, Page is now a coward and I will never believe in him again.  Am I wrong?

You have every right to feel how you feel so you aren’t wrong, it’s your opinion.  If you listened to the FMB over the weekend, you would know I agree with you.  I get that Punk went off script, as Page has before as well, but here’s the deal, if that was me, I would have told Tony Khan at Gorilla, “I have to go other there, you might went to send security after me”.  There’s no way I would have done nothing because like you said, to me I can’t get invested in Page now.

Please explain how anyone thought that announcing Punk vs. Moxley for the titles in a throw away announcement during the main event tonight was a good idea?

I can’t because it wasn’t.  I have heard people say it was “to pop a rating” but that doesn’t hold because you have to actually promote something to actually pop a rating.

I was confused when I read the article about WWE saying Vince McMahon’s exit could harm the company. Why would they say that?? I also thought it was funny how they mentioned that Vince’s resignation could adversely affect their ability to create popular characters and creative storylines or could otherwise adversely affect their operating results. And that Vince leaving could hurt their financial performance. That seems like an insane statement to make considering HHH just started with creative and is already improving the company. Are they trying to get Vince back??

They are covering their backs on a stock call, it’s the prudent thing to do.  On those calls they give investors guidance and it was smart to say it could hurt the company in case something down the road happens and it does hurt the company.  It was just being smart and proactive.

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