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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-22 10:00:00

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I just saw Stone Cold v Bret at WM13. Where even though he lost, Stone Cold was made. Do you know of a match or a talent that got over a fraction of Stone Cold from losing (I don't think any match loss could graze Stone Cold).

There have been a lot over the years but that one is the gold standard to me.  Great booking can make a star in a loss.  It’s a shame we don’t get the great booking that we should as fans, but with Vince McMahon gone my hope is that changes now.

When do you see HHH allowing certain performers names that were ridiculously changed reverting back to its original. I.E., Gunther to Walter, Max Durpi to LA Knight, Theory to Austin Theory, Riddle to Matt Riddle. And do we finally get a Bobby Roode push?

I think it will be gradual as opposed to sudden.  In the case of the people you mentioned, they are established on the main roster under those names.  Take Dupri, to me the way I see it going is something like Maxine takes over and Max disappears, then comes back in a new persona.  With the others, they are who they are now so it doesn’t make sense to change that.  First names may return, but Gunther is Gunther now, and has been marketed as such.  I have no idea on Roode.

Was there any chance that New Jack could've made it mainstream between 1994 and his death? He was great talent but could not be controlled. Any chance he could've made it mainstream?

I definitely think he could have been in WWE during The Attitude Era if he agreed to cut out all of the crazy stuff he did but the flip side is if he did that, he probably wouldn’t have been New Jack and he would have failed.  He was made for ECW.

You are an upcoming wrestler, and have two options: Tony Khan/AEW, or Paul Levesque/WWE. Which are you choosing?

For every single reason I am choosing WWE.  They have much greater reach, financial stability, longer track record and the better overall process.  Plus, they have the much better booker.  I would trust HHH to get the most that he can out of me.  I wouldn’t trust Tony to do that.  Now if it was a choice between Vince and Tony, that would be much harder.

Do you find watching Jimmy Snuka matches uncomfortable knowing what we know now?

I have no reason to watch Jimmy Snuka matches.  There is zero part of me that says, “Hey self, let’s go watch a Jimmy Snuka match!”

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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