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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-21 10:00:00

Why does AEW let Jon Moxley do outside dates?  I understood them allowing him to work for New Japan at the beginning but I saw a video on YouTube of him wrestling some guy in a place called GCW in front of what looked like 100 people.  Why would Tony Khan let his champion risk getting hurt like that?

He’s crazy.  I have no other reason I can give you.  With all of the injuries his company has had, he’s crazy to let his champ, who likes to do slice and dice stuff more than actually wrestle, go out and do it for someone else’s company.  I have no good answer for why he allows it.  WWE wouldn’t, and they are right to protect their talents.

And also, why would he let his champion wrestle someone I never heard in a tiny place?  Doesn’t he realize it makes AEW look bad?

I didn’t know anything about it until you wrote me.  Man, there is so much that looks bad there.  Imagine a potential TV partner googles the AEW champion and seems him wrestling in that place and at the end, as he is choking his opponent out, the guy is pleasuring himself in the ring.  I hope Tony Khan is happy being God to those 100 or whatever people because it’s a really dumb thing to let his champion do and it makes his company look really bad as well, especially when the guy Mox beat pleasured himself in the ring while getting choked out.  I could see his new slogan now, “AEW, where you may not beat the champion but at least you get a Happy Ending!”

Do you think part of the problem in AEW is that Tony Khan listens to the wrong people?

I guess it depends on how you define wrong.  I see obvious issues with the product all the time. I know others see them as well because they are things that if fixed would make the product more appealing to those who don't watch it now while not making it any less fun for the company's current fans.  I don't know if anyone tells Tony about those things.  And if they do, it would mean Tony doesn't care to listen to what they have to say.

So we're getting Punk/Moxley to unify the AEW title on a random episode of Dynamite instead of the PPV just a few weeks later.  Even if there is some kind of screwy finish that leads to a rematch at the PPV, how big of a sign is this Tony Khan is really worried about his ratings and/or what is happening in WWE right now?

That was a truly bizarre moment on Dynamite.  They did a great job of building interest in the match, which was important since All Out is looking kind of meh right now.  Then, an hour later they change course.  Honestly, if Tony did it to pop a rating I don't think he thought it through.  If he wanted to pop a rating he should have been promoting the match on Dynamite for at least a few weeks.  Instead, he did it for a few minutes.  I don't get his thinking.

If New Jack was new with AEW, would Tony Khan have risked using him?

He brought in Nick Gage so yeah, I think he would.  Hell, he let his champ be part of a happy ending on a GCW show!  New Jack's got nothing on that!

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