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By Billy Krotchsen on 2022-08-17 22:45:00

After AEW Dynamite went off the air, Kenny Omega took the ring mic and addressed the crowd.  He said that for some of the fans, it may have been the first live AEW event.  If this was their second live event, he appreciates them because the last time they were here for a "Halloween spectacle" where they saw The Elite vs. Jack Evans & Angelico & Kip Sabian.  He said it's always a pleasure to perform and since he's been gone for some time and if he does it now, he doesn't have to worry about how long or how hurt he is and he can talk to the crowd like a regular human being.

He questioned himself many times over the last 7-8 months and wondered if he could return and perform at the level of the others.  He said it will take him time to catch up to everyone else and it will be some time before he will be able to challenge for a singles title, but he's glad everyone is with him on the journey.  He said that he may cheat every now and then and he "isn't a good guy" but every time they show up, you are seeing a legitimate Kenny Omega and Young Bucks performance.  He said they aren't a tribute act or a parody but they are trying to leave a legacy behind and they aren't here for selfish gains.  Omega said it's not about match ratings or how much money they make for their families, but about changing the world and the wrestling world and the way that fans consume it.

Omega said they are going to give the fans the best trios matches, the best singles matches, the best hardcore matches, the best women's matches - that was always the mission statement.  He said that as long as The Elite are "here", they will make sure the fans get that variety.  Win, lose or draw, they will get it.  No matter how banged up or taped up he is, the fans will get Kenny Omega too, somehow.  He said that by a stroke of luck and because the Bucks are better than anyone truly knows "we were able to survive tonight."

Omega said that he should be mad at the fans because of the state he's in, as he's doing 3-4 physical therapy sessions a day, because he's performing for them.  He then likened the fans to a cat that pees and poops all over the house.  He can't hate the cat but he's mad when he finds it.  So, on TV, he may blame the fans and hold resentment towards them but deep down inside "as long as this is never aired", he does appreciate the fans.  

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