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By Andy Seeley on 2022-08-17 08:13:00

It’s our 100th episode and we’re looking back at some of the best matches to be featured on CCW Alive during the previous 99 episodes. Below is a look at what was featured on this week’s super-sized show.   

Sabu def. Alex Xcean – Oct. 2020
Both men were in their element in this hardcore matchup from Nashville. The ECW legend Sabu eventually picked up the win over a bloodied Xcean with an Arabian facebuster. 

Marina Tucker def. Kamille by DQ – CCW Women’s Championship - Oct. 2020
Staying in Nashville, Marina Tucker retained her CCW Women’s Championship with a bit of chicanery. After tossing the championship belt to Kamille while the referee’s back was turned, Tucker hit the deck and acted as though the Brickhouse hit her with the belt. The official was sold and disqualified Kamille. 

South American Alliance def. The Colons – CCW Tag Team Championship – Jan. 2021
The first show at the CCW Arena featured tag team champions Eddie and Carlito Colon defending against Ariel Levy and Vinicious, the South American Alliance, managed by Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso. When Carlito went to spit some chewed up apple (yes, you read that correctly) into Levy’s face, he hit Eddie instead. An incensed Eddie nailed Carlito with a backstabber and Levy took advantage with a Code Breaker on Carlito to start one of the most successful tag team runs in CCW history for the SAA. 

Christi Jaynes def. Roma – April 2021
The Brazilian Wonder Woman took the victory in this one in a hard-fought top contenders battle. The two international stars shared a moment of respect after the match as the crowd at the Boca Black Box Theater showed its approval. 

Brian Cage def. Façade – June 2021
The Machine Brian Cage has been a staple of Coastal Championship Wrestling the last two years and he showed why in this one against a very game Façade. In the end, Façade’s agility and daredevil tactics may have gotten the best of him. Façade walked the top rope and looked to land a high-impact move on Mr. GMSI, but Cage caught him in midair in position for the Drill Claw, nailed it and took home the victory. 

Jackal Stevens def. QT Marshall – CCW Southeastern Championship – Nov. 2021
It looked like QT Marshall would be the new CCW Southeastern Champion after a low blow behind the referee’s back and a Diamond Cutter. The pinfall was counted. The bell sounded. But a second official saw the low blow, alerted the referee in charge and the match was restarted. With manager Lew Spectre distracting the referee, Jackal used his championship belt to knock Marshall out. Just as the referee’s hand was coming down for the three-count, Spectre broke up the pin and saw his man lose by disqualification. 

Cha Cha Charlie def. El Jefe Santos – CCW World Heavyweight Championship – Dec. 2021
The Franchise of CCW, Cha Cha Charlie, finally regained the gold and began his second reign holding the top prize in CCW. An absolute banger between Santos and Cha Cha ended when Santos went for a frog splash and missed. Cha Cha responded with a Death Valley Driver and the Mangu Splash. A dazed Bruce Owens, who had been knocked down earlier, came to just in time and counted 1-2-3 as the Unbranded Brewing Co. crowd absolutely erupted. 

Fuego del Sol def. Alan “S2S” Martinez by DQ – CCW Cruiserweight Championship – April 2022
AEW star Fuego del Sol made his Coastal Championship Wrestling debut at Bash At The Brew and didn’t disappoint. He even made Martinez tap out. But as he celebrated his victory, the belt was ripped away from him. Moments before Fuego hit the Tornado DDT and submission maneuver, Martinez accidentally kicked the referee, who came to with Martinez tapping and rang the bell. He rang it, however, to disqualify Martinez, who retained the title by virtue of the DQ. 

KiLynn King def. Marina Tucker – Cage Match - CCW Women’s Championship – April 2022
After a four-month feud all over the state of Florida, KiLynn King defended the title she had won from Tucker in January inside a steel cage. It was an instant classic, a match CCW fans still talk about. A bloodied and beaten King retained after a choke slam from the top rope. The Mother Effin’ King and the Detroit Barbie took themselves to the limit. While King retained the title, the biggest winners may have been the fans in the Unbranded Brewing Co. and our CCW Alive viewers.  

Gangrel def. Jacob Fatu – No Disqualification Match – April 2022
Port St. Lucie is the final stop on our trip down memory lane for CCW Alive’s 100th episode. Gangrel faced former student Jacob Fatu a few months prior. In that match, Fatu was unhinged, bloodying his former instructor, earning a disqualification for taking out the referee and even destroyed much of the locker room after the match. But in this one, it was no disqualification at the request of the Vampire Warrior. After battling all over the MidFlorida Credit Union Convention Center and some interference from Brian Brock and Lew Spectre, Gangrel wowed everyone with a Canadian Destroyer and followed it up with his patented Impaler DDT for the victory. Fatu and Gangrel seemed to patch things up after the match, but the Vampire Warrior has his sights set on Brock in September, right back in Port St. Lucie.

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