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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-17 10:00:00

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Now that Triple H has gotten a lot of power, do you think it will be harder for him to get inducted (and worthy of a headliner) anytime soon? Like would it make sense to get inducted when he retires for good?

I think HHH will be like Vince was, as long as he is running things he won’t want to go in while he is in charge of things.  He’s already in with DX and my guess is that will be enough for him.

Is it me or do I just wish Finn Balor just quit WWE and go somewhere else where'd he be much more appreciated?

Where would that be?  Seriously.  AEW?  With the way the booking has been there lately, I wouldn’t go.  Plus, HHH booked Balor very well in NXT and now that he is in charge, if I were Balor I would wait and see what the new boss has planned for me.

So now that another $5 million in unauthorized payments by Vince McMahon has been discovered, criminal charges have to be a major possibility, right? That's now nearly $20 million of company money misappropriated by the now-former CEO of a publicly traded company. It would be insane if Vince never sees charges, right?

I don’t know enough about the law to say to be honest.  All I know is that it makes it pretty much impossible to ever bring him back to a publicly traded company like WWE.  He’s toxic now.

It was awesome seeing CM Punk return on Dynamite, and my gut says that he'll beat Mox to be undisputed champion. Who do you think the most logical challenger to Punk should be afterwards? Would this be the time to pull the trigger on MJF coming back?

In my opinion, if he is signed with AEW MJF should be back already.  I guess they could have him take on Punk and their fan base would love it but to people like me, who like logic?  Not so much.  The last match we saw him in he was destroyed by Wardlow.  How does that put him in line for a Title shot?  it doesn’t to me.  But to people who don’t care about that, I am sure they would love it.  Aside from him, there isn’t really anyone set to take on the unified champ.  Then again, Mox defends every week against people who aren’t true contenders so I guess that means anyone could be next.

Did you see that guy who runs a Newz site asked (AEW female wrestler whose name is deleted) for her hotel room number on Twitter?  What a creeper.

Yes I did and I agree with your assessment.  Given my interaction with him “borrowing” content from our Elite section and posting it on his site back before we caught him, I am not surprised by his actions.  He put the Z in newz sites and now he puts the Z in sleazy too.

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