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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-16 10:00:00

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Why do some people like Kurt Angle still think that Vince McMahon is still running WWE even though he retired and it’s in writing? Doesn’t he and others realize that it’s illegal for a publicly traded company to do such a thing? And his comment that people make mistakes regarding Vince’s behavior was Olympic sized butt kissing. Your thoughts?

Clearly Kurt doesn’t understand how publicly traded companies and The SEC work, as you stated.  I think beyond that, the wrestling business has a lot of conspiracy theorists and people who think everything “is a work”.  To me, that’s Kurt.  And yeah, condoning what Vince has done isn’t a good look to me.

With the Judgment Day Mysterio’s storyline Rhea Ripley has really been getting the best of and manhandling Dominik.  Now Dominik is more lanky and Rhea is bigger and stronger than most of the women so it is believable.  But do you think it’s a situation where Dom won’t be able to retaliate since he can’t hit or fight a woman that it’s a no win situation for him?

Agreed.  Dom can’t hit a woman, no matter how big she is, in WWE’s world.  That’s a really bad look in general, but especially coming after Vince McMahon has been forced out due to his treatment of some women in the company.

On Instagram Triple H touted Wrestlemania saying it was a grand spectacle for “sports and entertainment”.  Have they officially jettisoned the “sports entertainment” concept? Do you see them opening themselves up to the athletic sports commissions?

Nope, you totally misread the meaning there!

I love AEW and its roster of stars. But it's clear some careless repetition has creeped into its booking. Every week, it's blood and thumb tacks. Every week, the lights go out. Every week, yet another new championship is introduced. Every week, a new faction or wrestler appears without proper introduction and assumed knowledge. Every week, there's a twenty man brawl. Every week, Lucha Bros lose because of Penta's mask being pulled off... And so on. There is so much great talent and so much hard work, but is there a danger that unless they keep a check on these sort of details, that soon it could all become scorched earth and self-parody?

If you ask AEW fans, they would probably say everything is great.  If you ask me, I think your observation is right on the money.  I have harped on the same things, the reliance on tropes, the assumption that the fans know who all of the new people are with us being told about them, etc.

I think TK needs to see someone about his blood fetish. I watched Dynamite this week, and both the opening and the closing match were full of blood. Maybe it is just me. But in this day and age, especially with Covid, I think that is a very reckless thing to do. And what about the people in the front, who may get splattered with a wrestler’s blood? I have never been a fan of blood in wrestling, but I think it is way overused and it is overboard how it is used. I know  that nothing but ratings will change TK’s mind, and that’s a real shame. I know you are against the way it is used, but for me, I just may stop watching AEW. Or go make a sandwich during those matches. Or surf the net.

Well, another thing could change his mind, and that’s if his TV partner told him to stop.  I do think it very well may be a fetish at this point.  I don’t like the use of blading either, but I understand that some do like it.  In that case, it has to be used judiciously to be meaningful.  Tony Khan has turned slicing one’s head open into a transition spot.  It’s not effective anymore.

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