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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-14 09:59:00

Has AEW missed a big opportunity to gain ground on the WWE?  Their audience hasn't grown in 3 years, and it seemed WWE was vulnerable to losing an audience and wrestlers until Vince left.  Now that HHH is in charge,  WWE might reverse course on their bad booking ideas and talent leaving.

I think that they have.  People like to say that I am overly critical of AEW's booking and to the people that like what Tony Khan does, that's great.  They are his loyal fans and I am truly glad that they have a program that they love.  I have always said if he tightened some things up and got rid of leaning on others (such as blood every single week), he could grow his audience.  There are people who like different things from wrestling than he gives them and were disillusioned with Vince McMahon's booking, and they were in play.  Now?  Well Tony has shown his booking is what it is, and I think Paul Levesque is going to do all he can to improve WWE's product and try to win back people that have stopped watching.  Tony could have been doing that for years now.  But in fairness to him, it's his show and his vision so he is going to go with that.

Another question.  Does anyone in AEW have any type of say in booking?  It seems they only appeal to a die-hard audience and the booking is all over the place (i.e. Ricky Starks angle, missed opportunities with Pillman Jr. and Kingston, abandoning the Danielson heel turn).  For a semi-casual fan, it's confusing to watch.

I agree that things are often poorly explained in AEW, if at all.  A big part of booking is storytelling.  The viewer shouldn't have to try and figure out what they are watching.  Some of the upper tier talents have a say in their stories but for the most part it's Tony Khan.

With VKM’s “retirement,” does this hopefully open the door with getting names like Demolition, King Kong Bundy and Earl Hebner inducted into the HOF sooner. Also, who would headline The Class of 2023? HHH?

The Hall is totally subjective.  Those in charge decide who gets in.  I can't ever say who they will pick.

Regardless of how VKM’s Investigation turns out, will he ever be inducted?

My take right now is that if nothing worse than what he have already found out is uncovered, he will probably be inducted after he dies.  He never wanted to go in while alive and now that he has been forced out of his company I really don't see him going in until after he passes.

Do you believe the superstars will be less scripted in their promos with HHH heading creative?

Less?  Yes, I think there will be some freedom for at least some talents to ad-lib at times.  With that said, remember that this is a TV show and they need to have a good idea how long segments will run so that they can time the show out.  There will always be a script but I think it will be less monotonous and more realistic.


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