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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-13 10:01:00


Whatever happened to all the stories of class action lawsuits against WWE?

It's still possible.  Lots of legal films are doing research and trying to compile clients.

How can Sunny be posting new OnlyFans content if she's in jail?

She can't and she isn't.  Her boyfriend James Pente is posting old content in an attempt to make money and using her Twitter account to do so, since he has access.  She remains incarcerated in Volusia County, Florida and will be there for quite some time.  So, if you are buying that content, it's the boyfriend you are paying, not her.  It's quite even possible she has no idea he's currently doing it.

If you had to choose one thing you'd wish WWE would do with the Network under the new regime, what would it be?

I'd like to see someone pick up the phone and call those who are all over it, like a Bob Caudle all over Mid-Atlantic, NWA, WCW, etc. and at least offer them a stipend or some sort of royalty out of respect for what they've done for professional wrestling.  Lots of older types who could easily use a $5-$10K check that wouldn't be a drop in the bucket for WWE given the ridiculous amount of money they make from Peacock and other rights fees.  It would be the right thing to do, would be a nice way to pay it forward and honestly, would give WWE some good karma and a nice "feel good" story moment.

I would also start putting some of the archival content on a weekly release schedule, such as WCW content every Saturday at 6:05 PM EST, etc.  Things of that nature.

Any word on the Vladimir documentary?  Has he even seen it at this point?

I have no word on the release of the doc, but I can tell you that thanks to some really kind people at WWE who went out of their way to do the big lifting, I can 100% inform you that a few weeks ago, Vladimir was able to privately see the documentary.    My feeling (without having spoken to anyone about this) is we are far more likely to see it released under the HHH-Stephanie regime than we were previously.

Whatever happened to ECW's Roadkill?  I am pretty shocked to this day he disappeared.

He lives in the Long Island, NY area and made the decision to retire.  He's sometimes at conventions but has moved on from the business.  During his time under contract to WWE, he suffered a broken neck, which obviously played into that decision.  He was always a smart person so I wouldn't say you should be "shocked" that he moved on.  He knew what was best for him and made his decisions.  

Gene LeBell sounded like he lived an insane life!  Are there any documentaries on him?

I don't know of any docs but there are TONS of interviews and feature stories on him floating around YouTube.  He lived a pirate's life of adventure for sure.

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