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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-10 10:00:00

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Now that Vince is gone do you think it’s long before Bruce Pritchard is gone? He was Vince’s right hand man for decades other than a few times he was released.

I think he will get a chance to see if he can adapt to the new way of doing things.  The company wants to be stable in its approach and I think Bruce will get a chance to show he adapt.  I can’t say how long he will be there but that is the case for pretty much everyone.  If Vince McMahon can get forced out, anyone can.

Do you have any knowledge of HHH and Bruce having issues?

I do not.  If they have issues I don’t know about them.

Also do you think Bruce and Vince have contact? If so do you think he is angry Bruce so far stayed without him charge?

I don’t have any opinion on whether they stay in contact.  I would think Vince would want people he thinks are competent staying with the company to protect his financial investment in WWE.

Vince owns majority stock does that mean he still technically owns WWE and might be able to get himself back in?

I guess it’s possible but it’s highly unlikely and as long as the SEC and the Feds are looking into his actions I don’t see anyway he will come back.

Last night seeing Kross return do you think HHH will bring a lot more guys from his NXT era that were released?

I think it’s fair to say that if H liked them in NXT and pushed them, he probably feels like they have what it takes to be on the main roster.

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