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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-07 10:00:00

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Do you think Tony Khan and AEW may be in trouble with WWE (with HHH in charge of creative) now looking much more attractive to performers who have left based on issues with Vince McMahon’s booking decisions?

There is no denying that WWE is looking a lot better to AEW stars with Vince McMahon out and Triple H in charge.  Even Tony himself backhandedly acknowledged it when he brought it up, unsolicited, during his spot on Busted Open Radio.  Many talents that didn’t enjoy their time on the main roster were used well by HHH in NXT.  The vibe has changed in WWE, and also to a degree in AEW.  Is Tony in trouble?  Well the game got more competitive for him, pun intended.  It’s up to him to up his game as well.

Has Tony Khan's overstimulated ego finally revealed the truth?  His coining of the AEW Galaxy to correspond to the WWE Universe. Since it is a scientific fact that galaxies simply can’t compare to the sheer size of the universe, wouldn't that mean that Tony effectively admitted that his fan base and the standing of AEW are a fraction of WWE's?

I think that is a stretch.  But yeah, I have seen him paying way too much attention to WWE and its product lately.

Should Roman Reigns defend the title against Logan Paul at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble?  I’m not saying Logan Paul should win, but he can hold up his end in a good match with Roman and the crossover appeal of Logan Paul could get more eyes and exposure for the Tribal Chief.

No, no and GOD NO.  Number one, it isn't fair to the talent that works full time.  Number two, it would make a lot of fans turn on Paul since he would get the match that he doesn’t deserve.  Roman doesn’t need a rub from Paul.

If you were Tony Khan, would you be planning to move to another network after hearing all of the cost cutting Discovery has be announcing?  I know you’d change the product to look more appealing to other networks.

I would be planning to make the product as appealing to as many outlets as possible.  I would try and create a bidding war.  I would also have my eyes on what WBD is doing and be very cognizant of the fact that our future there may be in doubt.  They are cutting big time and most of the things that are being axed are projects that the old regime brought in, like AEW.  I would be aware of that.

Could Viacom be a good partner for AEW?  They had TNA before on Spike, and maybe AEW could have more PPVs on Paramount Plus.

Could they?  Sure.  But they did choose to get out of the wrestling business once.  And honestly, I don’t see a lot of Broadcasters looking to put blading and Barbed Wire Everywhere on their networks, especially for the amount of money that AEW would want.  I am surprised WBD allows it to be honest.  But, you never know.  Maybe there are TV execs that love watching people slice themselves open with razor blades on an almost weekly basis.

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